The Government of the new Culture and Civilization

allineamento Merak-Dubhe-Polare

On this day of the alignment between our Earth and the star Merak (Great Bear), the source of the First Energy or Ray of Will and Power, we present the Lambdoma of the first sector of the Culture: Government/Politics.

This is derived from the main Lambdoma or matrix of the new Culture, the integrated system of Formulas which have been conceived to consciously envisage the Future, in group formation (the One Humanity), in order to inspire the general human mentality.

The first column here of the Lambdoma of the new Culture constitutes the 7 main Ideas and Formulas pulsating on the central diagonal, i.e., the spine of the thought-form of the new Government, ‘exploded’ in the other 42 throughout the ‘square’ table. Accordingly, the 49 Formulas comply with the seven aspects of the Idea of Government and are an attempt to square that circle, as Forms do with ‘aformal’ Ideas.

Lambdoma Government

This method is not merely the ‘mission’ of TPS (Ideas, Formulas and Forms for a new Culture/Civilization), but a real teaching for learning how to rule our mind (manas in Sanskrit), in order to precipitate Ideas into Forms (deductive path) and, vice versa, go back from the many Forms to the One Idea (inductive path).

In this Pythagorean Table, mathematics of Intelligence and science of Sound (Harmonics) meet and create a psychogeometry which can be experienced by consciousness to marry intuition (Ideas) and intellect (thought-forms).

In detail, each Formula is here derived and inferred through the intersection of two directions in the diagram. In the y-axis are the Seven Directions, Rays or Aspects of any evolutionary Work (here of the new Government, which appears as the Idea ‘upstream’ of the Lambdoma, the 0/0 in harmonic terms); in the x-axis are its possible Seven Aspects and seven triplets of Verbs to clarify their type of energy or activity.

Thus, in the 49 boxes or resulting intersections there is the possible decoding of the associations and combinations between abscissa and ordinate.

By way of example, we have attempted to answer the question:

– For 4/1: “How does (will) the new human Government define the higher Model?” … Assuming responsibility of the Center;

– For 5/1: “How does it rule Its work or manifestation? … Addressing the multiple intents to the Purpose;

– For 1/2: “How does the right Government of new Culture/Civilization attract to the Purpose?” … Leading the field magnetically;

– For 3/2: “How does it teach the planetary Plan? … Orienting toward unity of vision;

– For its symmetrical counterpart 2/3: “How does It arrange and innovate the field of Service? … Recognizing the current Goals of the Plan;

– For 6/3: “How does it plan a Community of illuminated Leaders? … Founding the Institute of expert Observers;

– For 1/4: “How does it respond to the Purpose? … Locating the heavenly Sources of Power;

– For 6/4: “How does it express the new Ideals and Values? … Co-measuring governmental directives to evolutive potential;

– For 4/5: “How does it realize the higher Model? … Realizing the golden relation between government, politics and society;

– For 7/6: “How does it value and communicate the ruling Order? … Synthesizing the bridge between human and planetary Government

– For 1/7: “How does it irradiate the Purpose? … Ordering in Freedom;

– ….

Here are also some further educational thoughts regarding the polis-ethics of multifaceted Unity, the base of any Organization:[1]

7The new age will usher in an entirely new outlook on all things human. Historians will have to change their views. Short-sighted national policies will not do anymore. Individuals will have to sense their solidarity with mankind, not just with their families and nations. All must be given opportunities of acquiring knowledge and understanding of reality and the meaning of life to the extent of their capacity. Mankind is beginning to understand that it makes up a unity, and that this unity must desire the freedom and self-determination of all. Those who counteract this striving are the enemies of mankind.

8Human beings are equal with respect to their origin (the animal kingdom) and their goal (the fifth natural kingdom). They are unequal with respect to individual levels of development, differences that only are a matter of time.

9The current Aquarian epoch is intended to establish right human relations based on justice, the equal right of all, the right of all to the same opportunities independent of race, colour, sex, life view; the abolition of crime and selfishness through expedient upbringing (the opposite of the present laissez-faire system).

10People will be taught that everybody’s view corresponds to the level of development he has reached, that each nation has the social structure best suited to it but entirely unsuitable to another nation. It is necessary that the individual and the nation can feel complete security and not this insecurity dominating mankind hitherto.

11All mankind must learn that it may be compared to one single big family comprising adults and children of various ages. We must not line our pockets at other people’s expense any more. We develop the most rapidly if we realize that anyone who does his best to help others to reach physical independence and mental development does the best service to himself as well. This may be egoism of a subtler kind but is requisite at the present stage of mankind’s development. When such motives are no longer needed, they will be dropped.

12The struggle now raging on our planet is activated mainly by energies (…) between old cherished, traditional, worn-out views, and the new ones, which are organizational and determined by law. The three warring idiologies (dictatorship, democracy, and communism) do their work of destruction and reconstruction. When the pertaining extreme ideas have merged into a unity, we shall have the ultimate world organization in political, economical, and cultural respect.

13Unless a third world war, bringing about a definitive relapse into barbarism, thwarts all plans for the future, the intention is that clans at the stages of culture, humanity, and ideality[2] will incarnate to such an extent that in unison they will be able to take over the management of the public affairs of most nations on our globe. This is one of the conditions of a unified league of nations. After that, any nation that violates the basic human rights will be expelled and isolated.”

Sistema terrestre

[1] Extracts from: Our Epoch, part of the book Knowledge of Life Three by Henry T. Laurency. Translated from the Swedish by Lars Adelskogh.
[2] For these terms of evolutionary levels see

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