Sirius-Earth-Sun-Vega alignment: the sevenfold Light of cosmic Love

sirioToday, on the same ecliptic meridian, the brightest Star Sirius and the future Polaris Star Vega (in about 14,000 years) are intercepted by  our Earth-Sun axis (symmetrically to their opposite position on July, 6th).

The Light of cosmic Love irradiated by Sirius, which causes responsiveness or sensitivity in our consciousness, pours more abundantly on Earth, revealing the divine Model of creating Sound, the seven strings of the cosmic lyre, the Lyra constellation of Vega.

Light reveals what Sound creates: Sound, the creating Agent of living Space, is revealed by the seven Rays of divine Light. The divine Seven Rays are the harmonics of spatial Love pouring as Light or Wisdom: Sound (the “first correlation of AKASHA”, the divine spatial Substance) loves and creates in seven directions, ways or Rays.

In astrosophical terms, this is Vega-Sirius cosmic Relation, a main Polarity and Source of real Freedom through harmonic Order.

Their libering Energy, initiatory anent responsiveness to this harmonic Order, arrives to Sun-Earth polarity through Capricorn-Cancer zodiacal axis, the current evolutive “field of consciousness”, and their transmitted 1st, 3rd and 7th Rays of Power, Intelligence and Order.

Freedom, which we are told to be the 3rd Aspect of the supernal Energy of Sirius, is the Cause of that Power of Love and Light that can restore the Plan on Earth.

As Sirius is our cosmic Magnet or Christ, focusing the higher Spiritual Triad cause of the cosmic Evolution of our Solar Logos:


So this is a very propitious Day and Direction to irradiate the Love of cosmic Christ to the infinite, in order to liberate “the prisoners of the planet”:

“[Sirius]… a bright sun where shines the light of love.”

“The energies coming from the sun, Sirius, are related to the love-wisdom aspect or to the attractive power of the solar Logos, to the soul of that Great Being. This cosmic soul energy is related to the Hierarchy. You have been told that the great White Lodge on Sirius finds its reflection and a mode of spiritual service and outlet in the great White Lodge of our planet, the Hierarchy.”

“Sirius—working in a sevenfold manner through the seven rays and their seven groups as these constitute the active Hierarchy.”  (Extracts from A. A. Bailey, Esoteric Astrology, pp. 433, 199 e 416, Lucis Collection).

“This great Sun which is to our solar Logos what the Monad is to the spiritual man [Soul-Sun], has a peculiar part to play where our Earth is concerned. It might be considered by those with a sound sense of occult proportion that our tiny planet with its planetary Logos (one of the “imperfect Gods” of The Secret Doctrine) would be too small to enter in the slightest way into the consciousness of that Supreme Illumined Entity Who is greater even than our Solar Logos. Such, however, is the case. There is a relationship of very ancient date between our Lord of the World, Sanat Kumara, and the Lord of Sirius, and this exists in spite of the fact that our planet is not a sacred planet. It might be added that our planet is, in the immediate cycle (…) rapidly passing out of this category, and on the inner planes and subjectively considered is a sacred planet [Earth has a 2nd Ray Soul – Love-Wisdom] ; the effects of this transition from non-sacred to sacred have not fully demonstrated themselves objectively.

(…) The principle of freedom is a leavening energy which can permeate substance in a unique manner; this divine principle represents an aspect of the influence which Sirius exerts on our solar system and particularly on our planet. This principle of freedom is one of the attributes of Deity (like will, love and mind) of which humanity knows as yet little. The freedom for which men fight is one of the lowest aspects of this cosmic freedom, which is related to certain great evolutionary developments that enable the life or spirit aspect to free itself from the impact, the contact and the influence of substance. (…) This mysteriously “exerted influence,” this “pulling away” from form (as we might simply call it), emanates from Sirius and for it we have no name; it is the law of which the three cosmic laws—the Laws of Synthesis, of Attraction and of Economy—are only aspects.” (Extracts from: A. A. Bailey, Rays and Initiations, pp. 413-6, Lucis Collection).


We, as servers of the Order of Space, in this Sirian Day consecrated to the 2nd Ray&Sound of Love,

assert the Plan of Light and Love on Earth 

The human planetary Order, oriented to the conjunction between the cosmic Heart Sirius and solar Heart Jupiter on the crucial date of 2025, receives and transmits the libering Ray of celestial Love, the Ray of the Planetary Heart and of Its focal center, the Christ. This cosmic 2nd Ray impulsion is impressed and sown, on the Ecliptic Plane of Love and Light and in all human hearts, through its 2nd Department and relevant seven Intentions, Directions or Formulas, for the benefit of our beloved Blue Planet:

2.1 I attract hearts to the Summit
2.3 I unite Order to the Master
2.4 I love the infinite spatial symmetries
2.5 I educate to unity in diversity
2.6 I open hearts to the mysteries of Heaven
2.7 I lift bridges of Light according to the Rule of Space


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