Taurus, the cosmic Builder of Beauty

In order to celebrate the Sun-Earth axis passing through the center of TaurusScorpio and its pure 4th Ray — triumph of Harmony of Life Light –, here are some excerpts from Spiritual Astrology (p. 91-100) about this cosmic source of Revelation and Creation through the power of Sound/Word:

“The word of god reaches the earth (acquires the form state or material existence) through this sign [Taurus]. The form side of the word of God is the material universe or objectivity. This is called the fourth state of his word. (…) The sign Taurus represents this fourth state of the word and the whole splendour of the universe in its form aspect.

Forms in this universe tend to perfection through beauty. Beauty is the hidden side of all. It is concealed in form and revealed through the anatomy of form. (…) The geometry of the creation is a container of beauty and it cannot imprison beauty in any part of the form. Through the form, and not in the form, we find beauty. Beauty is the divine aspect of form.

This aspect is governed by the sign Taurus in persons who live for art and who try to discover the sacred mission of art in this universe. Here lies the hidden significance of locating the ascendant of Lord Krishna in Taurus.*

Blue is the colour of this sign just as red is the colour of Aries. This truth is concealed in the fact that the colour of the incarnation of the Lord [Atma-Spirit-Life – white, pure Light] as Krishna [Buddhi, Christic principle] is blue. (…)

The region between the throat-centre and the birthplace of Indra (a point just above the Ajna-centre and below the minor head-centre) contains all the seven main centres which bear their correspondences in the seven centres along the vertebral column.

There are seven other centres above the neck (the portion of body ruled by Taurus) which bear a direct correspondence and relationship on the Solar-Cosmic level (second bridge [of the antahkarana]) with the seven stars of the constellation of Pleiades. (…) Pleiades feeds the disciple with the spiritual foods secreted through the glands of that region.

In the normal man, these glands (the pineal, pituitary, etc.) do not serve any definite purpose. This is because they are not linked up. This linking is done through thought, attitude and behaviour of the disciple in the early stages. Before he has a firm grip over the higher side of his personality, there is no stir in the process. Since the link is not on the material, etheric or astral planes and since the link begins with the matter of the mental plane [Higher Manas, the energy/substance of the causal or soul body] the disciple is helpless without the aid of a Guru. He cannot invoke the blessing of the Guru until he practises personal virtues and surrenders his self and himself to service. The concerned glands lie functionless like the carbon rods of an arc lamp. It is the arc that connects them only when they are suitably charged.

When the link is established through a continuous process of improving the fitness of the disciple, Pleiades begin to shower the spiritual food as principles upon him. They are appropriately called the seven mothers of Kumara, a newborn babe and an eternal child. The disciple becomes a kumara only after the second birth (spiritual birth). The Pleiades are also thought of as the wives of the seven great seers (the constellation of the Great Bear).
Pleiades establish a link between the seven stars of the Great Bear and the seven centres above the neck of the disciple.

The transformation of the golden-yellow [heart centre] colour into the sky-blue [heart in the head centre] via green(the colour of Gemini or Visuddhi chakra), manifests a series of blends. An analysis of all these blends is not possible at the present stage of man’s evolution. It can be experienced and its effect felt if one conceives the blends of colours found on the neck and the tail of a peacock. Interestingly, Kumara (Subrahmanya) has the peacock as his vehicle. Taurus governs peacock, cow and bull. Lord Krishna in one of His many phases is depicted amidst a herd of cows and bulls and invariably has the peacock feather as a piece of an ornament! Taurus represents the Saviour as the cowherd just as Aries represents Him as the shepherd. Link this up with the fact that the equinoxes were crossing the Pleiades when the Lord came down to earth as Sri Krishna. It was the time of the ending of Dwapara Yuga and the beginning of the Kali Yuga.
It is common knowledge that as a rule of nature, the peacocks bear natural enmity with serpents and the latter are devoured in their mutual feuds. In this simple phenomenon is the hidden truth that the levels of Taurus destroy the lower levels of Scorpio only at certain stages of existence as is implied in the ‘friendly’ co-existence of the two in the presence of Kumara. Interestingly, the serpent also forms the necklace of Lord Siva, the father of Kumara. A friendship between the serpent and the peacock can be established by the disciple. Serpents are of two categories in spiritual symbolism. They are the creeping  serpents and the unwinding serpents. The first class of serpents are called sarpas and they signify the existence of man separately in the universe (Vasuki). The second class of serpents are called nagas and they represent the wisdom of eternity (Anantha). “I am Vasuki among sarpas and Anantha among the nagas”, says the Lord in the Bhagavad Gita. The snake of the sarpa state is elevated to the naga state. This higher serpent is the friend of the peacock of Kumara.

The voice of man represents the fourth stage of his utterance. Taurus therefore rules the voice just as Gemini rules the vocal cords. The audible voice emanates through the vibrations of the vocal cords. This vibration produces the trill which makes the fire of the word manifest. This trill is represented by the sound ‘R’.** Before the voice becomes conditioned as the sounds, words and sentences, it is essentially the trill ‘R’ which is the origin of the language in the form of sound of the objective man. In fact, it is the sperm of sound which impregnates the unmanifest thought into the expressed word. It is therefore called ‘Rishabha’ the great bull in the Vedas. In the universe, it represents the primordial matter (Mula Prakriti) which forms the basis of all the subsequent emanations. It is called ‘the ghee [an indian butter] of the universal sacrifice’ and also ‘the spring season’ of the whole cycle of one manifestation of this universe. “The spring season is the ghee in the sacrifice of the Purusha”, says the Purusha sukta. The passage of the annual Sun through Taurus marks the mid-portion of the spring season.

Sun in Taurus is called the fertilising bull. This represents the import of the word. Moon in Taurus is called the cow. This represents that which is impregnated. Word is two-fold: the concept and the language. Language is feminine by nature and the concept is masculine by nature.

Their union is wisdom as creation. This is symbolised by Mercury*** as the calf also in Taurus. Thus we find that The Word, in its four stages of expression, has three phases.

Language and sound as the vehicles of the word are picturised by the two wings of the Great Swan (the two pass-words “Ham” and “So”, which manifest themselves as the respiration in Cancer). The phenomenon of the word travelling through sound in space (from the speaker to the listener) is called Saraswati. Swan is the vehicle of SaraswatiThe word comes out from the subjectivity of the utterer. In this capacity the utterer plays the role of the creator, Brahma (the masculine or the four-faced who is different from Brahman the neuter). This Brahma is the creator and so the ‘father’ of Saraswati. He, as the concept, follows her as the voice and the language and so the father and daughter are united in wedlock as man and wife! All these mysteries are concealed in the sign Taurus and revealed to the student who dwells in his Visuddhi and Ajna-centres. When these mysteries are applied to the cosmic activity, the student gets the secrets of the creation in the higher planes through the law of correspondences. The true student of the Gemini and Taurus levels, performs the act of creation through his word and sound. [see “Mercury and the art of Mantrika-shakti“] The student who dwells in the Taurus-Pisces levels creates through silence. The former is classed among the builders of the higher universes while the latter is classed among the Master-builders. [Kryashakti – Jupiter and 2nd creative Hierarchy?  see in Esoteric Astrology]

The utterance of the word signifies self-expression. For all the people of the individual and the personality levels, the self-expression dwells in the lower planes of instincts, impulses and emotions. In this way, the real word is pulled down from the mechanical vocal word and is buried deep down in matter. This is the cause for the differentiation of sex in man which as the procreating capacity reflects the higher creative potentiality. This differentiation is signified by Scorpio which is the opposite or the lower counterpart of Taurus. Every astrologer knows that the sign Scorpio signifies the organs of generation. Scorpio thus unfolds the story of all fall of man into genesis. The disciple of the spiritual path has to lift the lower centre and merge it in the higher. For this reason, the sign Taurus signifies the woman in man while Gemini signifies the woman and the man. Woman as one-half of man is denoted by Gemini. Woman as the heart of man is denoted by Taurus. (…) When the activity of the lower pole is sublimated into the purest expression of love at the higher pole, it signifies the woman in the heart of man. Every man, of course, is a woman at heart at some level or the other. The woman in man is the concept of woman in the affections of man. The converse is the case with Scorpio. It signifies the man in the woman. This means the divine spark coming down into matter to be entombed in forms. (…)

The glyph of Taurus is a semicircle upon a circle This denotes the two horns of the bull or the cow. The semicircle above the circle also represents the crescent Moon above the horizon of earth. Moon is located on the top of the circle. This gives the interpretation of the Moon’s place in Taurus. Taurus is the exaltation of Moon just as Aries is the exaltation of Sun.
Moon is the seat of a higher deity called Soma (…) Moon in Taurus is the symbol of the food for Indra and the other devas of the cosmic plane. To a disciple, who is crossing the levels of the Ajna-centre to reach the Sahasrara, this food of the devas is used by him to construct the higher bridge. (…)

Enjoyment, satiation, happiness, pleasure, and bliss come under this sign. It is the first of the fixed signs, and gives the nature of fixed ideas, impressions and sustained effort to those who are born under this sign. The disciple of Raja yoga can very easily use this trait to achieve his final goal of merging his consciousness in the supra-cosmic plane. The linking oneself up with Pleiades and the Great Bear in the building up of the higher bridge which is called Antahkarana is achieved by the disciple.

Food and taste are governed by this sign. Taste is the response to beauty expressed through tongue. (…) For those disciples whose consciousness lives between their throat-centre and Ajna chakra, word becomes their food. (…)”

* “… the equinoxes were crossing the Pleiades when the Lord came down to earth as Sri Krishna” (see further in the article). Krishna represents the second aspect of Life, Love or the Buddhic Principle, the Soul aspect, whose vibrations or cycles are connected to precessional years (around 26,000 years). These were called “the Great Years of the Pleiades” and one of the main ones (related to Kali Yuga’s beginning) started in Taurus, precisely when the Equinoctial Sun was conjunct to its “Centre”, the Pleiades cluster and its star Alcyone, around which our cosmic System of Seven solar systems rotates all 250,000 years. – ed.

** In the Sanskrit six syllabled Mantram SA-RA-VA-NA-BHA-VA, RA is related to the Sign Taurus, expressing “to reach [R] the accomplishment of an action [A]: to grant, to give and also to acquire, conquer and possess.

*** This year Mercury is direct in Taurus from May, 16th to June, 6th, while Taurus Wesak full moon is on May 10th 21.44 GMT: fundamental “signs of the Heavens” to align with and serve the buddhic blue Light of Life.

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