Taurus Full Moon: the seed of Illumination

Seeds for a New Culture

Taurus Full Moon: the seed of illumination

Illumination of the spirit! How can one reach this step? How can one penetrate into the primary source of Truth, if not by adhering to Hierarchy? The spirit can be illumined only through the source of Light. Where can one find a leading ray, if not in Hierarchy? Humanity has been drawing its power, not from within itself, but from the power of the great Hierarchy. Thus through centuries Our creativeness has guided humanity. Thus man can be directed only by the Higher Power of Hierarchy. The illumination of the spirit is assuredly the path of adherence to the highest Hierarchy. Hence, those who search for Truth can find the significance of Be-ness only in the path of ascent toward Hierarchy, otherwise life remains a vicious circle, and for millenniums the spirit will not find its liberation. Thus, the law of Hierarchy is the leading principle.

Hierarchy, §420 Agni Yoga Collection

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