Aldebaran-Sun-Earth-Antares Alignment

Today, May 31, on the same ecliptic meridian, the bright Star Aldebaran and the ardent Antares, are intercepted by our Sun-Earth axis (symmetrically at their opposite location, December 2). Analogously, the Personality (Earth) is between the Soul (Sun, now qualified by the cosmic Ray of Aldebaran) and the Spirit (the Antares cosmic Ray). It is a propitious day for the invocation and evocation of Aldebaran’s cosmic Energy, and for direct reception of that of Antares.

Aldebaran is in Sanskrit the red deer Rohini or Rohit, the daughter of Mriga/Orion and symbol of the great generative primal force, “the form assumed by Vâch, the female Logos and female aspect of Brahmâ”:

from H. P. Blavatsky, The Theosophical Glossary, 1892

Antares, the Heart of the Scorpion, is the “rival of Ares” (Anti-Ares) or Mars (the God of War yet vector of Vulcan’s Will),* being His cosmic prototype: kamâ, Desire and ultimately Love. Antares means also “in front of Horus” or Taurus/Pleiades constellation (Horus is also our Solar System, a Sun-Son of Pleiades’ Seven Sisters and Their open cluster), the Divine Son of Orion/Osiris and Sirius/Isis:

Taurus, which is the opposite of Scorpio, is the sign of desire expressed predominantly on the physical plane as sex. At the heart of Scorpio we find Antares, one of the four royal stars, a red star. Red is the colour of desire and this is the reddest star in the heavens; it symbolizes that red of desire that underlies every manifestation of divine life.

In Gemini [the Sign we are now influenced by], in the gathering of the golden apples, Hercules also wrestled with Antares. Here again in Scorpio we are up against the red star. Why? Because the problem of humanity in this great solar system of ours is that of the attraction between the opposites (meaning desire). Always there is duality, that which is desired and the one who desires.”**

The Royal Stars Aldebaran and Antares, the cosmic Eye and Heart/Desire, are essentially qualified by the Fourth Ray of Harmony and the Sixth Ray of Abstract Idealism; the former reflects the Divine Model and traces its subtle contours, the latter brings back to the central Unity and Sacredness of all manifestation.

Together They communicate and express the Law of Right Relationships, the subtle matrix and condition for the splendour of Will/Truth through Beauty and Harmony. That is, They help to establish Right Relationships (of Love/Antares and Light/Aldebaran) between human beings and in all the sectors of social life, and also among all the kingdoms of earthly and celestial Nature, so that the Earth, and Humanity, can reflect the Culture of Heaven, the Art of right proportions and Unity planned by the Higher Will.

In astrosophical terms, the polarity Aldebaran-Antares, the Cosmic Middle Way, radiates the triumph of the Harmony of the Light of Life: the desire and ardor of the Heart bring to the Culture of Heaven and conquer the clear vision of the open Eye; this Eye of Revelation contemplates and reflects the Model, the infinite Truth of Being, for unconditional love.

The human planetary Order, which the synthesis of human spirits essentially is, oriented to the crucial date of 2025, receives and transmits the 4th and 6th cosmic Rays of Harmony through Conflict and Abstract Idealism . These cosmic Rays impulsion is impressed and sown, on the Ecliptic Plane of Love and Light and in all human hearts, by the 4th and 6th Departments of this inner Order of Spirits or hierarchical Humanity and through seven relevant Intentions, Directions or Formulas, for the benefit of our beloved Blue Planet.

As it has been sown for the 2nd Ray on Sun-Earth-Sirius alignment, the 1st Ray on Sun-Earth-Merak alignment and the 5th Ray on Regulus-Earth-Sun alignment, the human Hierarchy impresses on Earth Fourth and Sixth Rays thought-form made of 2 seven living centers:

4.1 I resonate with hierarchical Harmony

4.2 I gaze into the eyes of the Master

4.3 I keep the right direction


4.5 I outline the contours of future forms

4.6 I embody the encounter between visible and invisible

4.7 I harmonize models to the golden Rule

* *

6.1 I call to the central Truth

6.2 I guard the sacredness of Communion

6.3 I compose the ideal Formulas of the Plan

6.4 I reveal the Art of Union

6.5 I penetrate and elaborate the eternal Symbols


6.7 I stand for the Law of right relationships

* *

* From Cosmogenesis (The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, Vol 1, bk 1, sec 5):
“…Ares, the dividing, differentiating, and individualising power (Fohat, another old friend,)….

… Fohat is one thing in the yet unmanifested Universe and another in the phenomenal and Cosmic World. In the latter, he is that Occult, electric, vital power, which, under the Will of the Creative Logos, unites and brings together all forms, giving them the first impulse which becomes in time law. But in the unmanifested Universe, Fohat is no more this, than Eros is the later brilliant winged Cupid, or LOVE. Fohat has naught to do with Kosmos yet, since Kosmos is not born, and the gods still sleep in the bosom of “Father-Mother.” He is an abstract philosophical idea. He produces nothing yet by himself; he is simply that potential creative power in virtue of whose action the NOUMENON of all future phenomena divides, so to speak, but to reunite in a mystic supersensuous act, and emit the creative ray. When the “Divine Son” breaks forth, then Fohat becomes the propelling force, the active Power which causes the ONE to become TWO and THREE — on the Cosmic plane of manifestation. The triple One differentiates into the many, and then Fohat is transformed into that force which brings together the elemental atoms and makes them aggregate and combine…

… Fohat, then, is the personified electric vital power, the transcendental binding Unity of all Cosmic Energies, on the unseen as on the manifested planes, the action of which resembles — on an immense scale — that of a living Force created by WILL, in those phenomena where the seemingly subjective acts on the seemingly objective and propels it to action. Fohat is not only the living Symbol and Container of that Force, but is looked upon by the Occultists as an Entity — the forces he acts upon being cosmic, human and terrestrial, and exercising their influence on all those planes respectively. On the earthly plane his influence is felt in the magnetic and active force generated by the strong desire of the magnetizer. On the Cosmic, it is present in the constructive power that carries out, in the formation of things — from the planetary system down to the glow-worm and simple daisy — the plan in the mind of nature, or in the Divine Thought, with regard to the development and growth of that special thing. He is, metaphysically, the objectivised thought of the gods; the “Word made flesh,” on a lower scale, and the messenger of Cosmic and human ideations: the active force in Universal Life. In his secondary aspect, Fohat is the Solar Energy, the electric vital fluid,* and the preserving fourth principle, the animal Soul of Nature, so to say, or — Electricity. In India, Fohat is connected with Vishnu and Surya in the early character of the (first) God; for Vishnu is not a high god in the Rig Veda. The name Vishnu is from the root vish, “to pervade,” and Fohat is called the “Pervader” and the Manufacturer, because he shapes the atoms from crude material.”
“Cupid or Love in his primitive sense is Eros, the Divine Will, or Desire of manifesting itself through visible creation. Thence Fohat, the prototype of Eros, becomes on Earth the great power “Life-electricity,” or the Spirit of “Life-giving…
…As Eros was connected in early Greek mythology with the world’s creation, and only afterwards became the sexual Cupid, so was Kama in his original Vedic character, (Harivansa making him a son of Lakshmi, who is Venus). …
…The cow was in every country the symbol of the passive generative power of nature, Isis, Vach, Venus — the mother of the prolific god of love, Cupid, but, at the same time, that of the Logos whose symbol became with the Egyptians and the Indians — the bull — as testified to by Apis and the Hindu bulls in the most ancient temples. In esoteric philosophy the cow is the symbol of creative nature, and the Bull (her calf) the spirit which vivifies her, or “the Holy Spirit,”…” (HPB, Anthropogenesis, Vol II, p. 65, 176, 418).
** A. A. Bailey, “Labours of Hercules”, Lucis Collection.
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