Gemini Full Moon: the seed of Right Relations

Seeds for a New Culture

Gemini Full Moon: the seed of Right Relations

Concordance of the cosmic processes is revealed in the lower spheres as well as in the higher ones. Cosmic power can be reflected in the planetary life, and the planetary life may be transmuted in the process of higher tension. When people will understand that ceaselessness of manifestation consists in changes of existence, the principle of concordance may become close to man. The laws of transmutation and cosmic bestowal coalesce. Great help may result from the realization of this principle.

If humanity strives toward concordance it will perceive all the best possibilities. By straining the will toward Infinity one may reach concordance on every step. Concordance is the unifying principle which affirms the sacred intercourse between spirit and Cosmos, between Cosmos and the power of the Infinite.

Infinity I, §94 Agni Yoga Collection

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