The Goals of the Planetary Plan

Today, June 15, 2017, is the second solar encounter between Earth and Saturn in the Sign of Sagittarius (Sun/Vulcan in Gemini),* a powerful Impulse carving new paths from the causal level of Ideas – the Powers precipitating into Events.

Trying to interpret this ‘solstitial’ conjunction, consecrated to intelligent creativity (designated as the 3rd Ray of both Earth and Saturn, as well as of Humanity), it can be said that this Direction and Arrow thrown by the Solar Archer directs the fiery hearts to set up the Future through a Plan, an integrated system of evolutionary Goals. These are those archetypes that, if scientifically manifested, will realize the New Aquarian Humanity and Culture.

In this passage of Eras, all of us, more or less consciously, know that we are experiencing a great moment in planetary history, tragic yet unique in its evolutionary and ‘resolution’ potential.

In this urgency, we cannot “lose the Dates”. We must consciously plan our Future, beginning from the causal plane, toward a growing communion of intent and more and more in conformity with the heavenly Rhythms:

“… the more we ascend into the hierarchy of creatures, the better the Rites of the Cosmos are observed and the greater are the power and precision of the effects. Below the human level, ritual dictates are respected, but unconsciously; above, cooperation is perfected and voluntary. Man is the degree of passage from one to the other form of obedience, which entails a great crisis of growth … Those creatures that follow the general rhythm take advantage of it, for their sake and their own undertakings: here is the duality of that one act which is the Invocation-Evocation. Nothing happens if the seeds are not thrown (invocation) at the right moment, but if the stimuli (= centers) are set, energy propagates through them and models their developments (evocation).”**

The TPS project, invoking and evoking the propulsive and creative energy of this solar Direction, presents one of the most beautiful and precious pearls of Thought for the construction of the Future: a first human formulation of the hierarchical Plan for the evolution of humanity, “The Distant Goals – compendium 2017”, that is also presented in the text Asserting the Planetary Plan and in the video of the June solstice webinar for the 2025 Initiative: Preparing the Way.

We present the work of the one who considered the theoretical foundations of a new culture and a new civilization based on universal geometric and sound laws, opening a new way for human awareness of our greater function and destiny. A true teaching flourished by the triple Seed of the Tibetan Master, Agni Yoga and Harmonics is flowing when the old world is increasingly shattered and Future is already setting up and calling us to the new Enterprise.

Thus here is not presented the work of a man, but that of a disciple who was the channel of expression of group consciousness – the very foundation of the rising age – suggesting its laws, methods and attitudes. Here is a hierarchical Model for a free and organized group, in essence an in-depth analysis of the science of Triangles of the Tibetan Master.

The seven Rays‘ energies – the cornerstone of His Teaching – are decoded according to sound laws and find a real and effective experimentation field that makes it possible to arrange and operate in a geometric, numerical, and sonorous order in group formation, in imitation of the Flower of Life (see the relative video The Star Groups and the Laws of Sound).

A free and natural structure emerges: a structure which organizes the many without constraining, where each one is able to express him/herself at best for the benefit of the whole and the common goal; a group idea intended not just as a set of people, but as a powerful, sound and luminous energy network, capable of achieving the preset goals for the benefit of the whole.

The six-pointed star geometry teaches the bonds science to human atoms and these molecules join, as in a crystal, in a living set of stars called a Lambdoma.

Today’s responsive humanity is offered a practical and at the same time highly spiritual solution, which is necessary nowadays since man is increasingly “global”, but less and less united and above all somewhat disoriented.

This text, therefore, is destined to the most sensitive and ready consciousnesses, which have the avant-garde and pioneer role, and offer practical means to build the New. It  does not expose beautiful concepts or fascinating theories, but a model or project for a planetary work that has the effect of making more effective the tasks and specificities that each group or each individual recognizes as their own, and to link them in a singular set or System, or Order.

A luminous fabric of warp and weft shines, a matrix made up of hearts and living consciousnesses that, like atoms in crystals, arrange themselves in subtle structures and geometries.

They are free and oriented, united in a common work, multiple and different for each one. The science of the right relationships gradually emerges from the usual mists.

In the text “The Distant Goals” it is offered a formulation of the Plan entrusted by the Hierarchy to Humanity, the value of which is to be verified in each one’s heart.

The text opens with a table of 49 functions (7 x 7), a table of Rays and sounds. Seven goals, indicated by the Tibetan Master as the “immediate” future of humanity, constitute the main axis. They were numbered according to the quality of their Rays and ordered following a harmonic or sound principle. The text is dedicated to illustrate the 42 functions that lead to those goals. They are both vortexes of energy and progressive phases of development.

A first hypothesis for the Planetary Plan (its current first 49 Cycle is from 1987 to 2035)

In this new dispensation, the function and responsibility of the Italian nation and spirit as a contribution to the planetary One Work can be recognized. In fact, Its mission is “carving the paths”; so the Tibetan Master synthesizes Italy’s task in the global work for the common Good, and also indicates Italy as the place for 3rd Ray Initiations: “Those who take initiation on the line of the Mahachohan, or on the third ray, will take it at the advanced occult school in Italy.” (From: A. A. Bailey, Letters on Occult Meditation”, Lucis Collection).


In order to clear and deepen our vision and understanding of the Planetary Plan, as well as to better present the formulation and matrix of the 49 Goals, the translation of a new document is currently underway. Here is the introduction:

There is a Plan of Evolution for Humanity.

This Plan brings into being a Planetary Purpose.

Starting from these assumptions, as indicated by the texts of Esoteric Teaching,[1] a first Formulation of the evolutionary Plan envisaged for the Human Group is presented here.

The Plan of Evolution for Humanity is part of a more general planetary Plan, inscribed in turn in a solar, cosmic and ultimately universal Plan.

The working out of this part of the Planetary Plan depends on human consciousness, which must learn to become more responsive or responsible, but is set up and constituted by the Will and Energy of higher Beings and Consciousness.

In this Hierarchy of Beings indicated as the Rulers of human evolution and of other kingdoms of nature, there are two major sections: one is defined as the Custodians or Executors of the Plan[2] and the other as the “Creative Contemplatives of the Planet” those Lives and Energies receiving and transmitting the Planetary Purpose.[3]

The Plan of Evolution, as it will be developed in this paper, is in essence the substantial energy or energized substance of the planetary Purpose, and of Its Registrants; It is Their magnetic and creative energy.

Accordingly, so that the Purpose can be revealed on Earth, it is evidently necessary that Humanity, the “centre of awareness”, expands progressively its capacity of vision of the Plan, inclusiveness and identification with the Whole:

“One may ask (and rightly ask) wherein all this information can be of use to us in the midst of a troubled and bewildered world.

For obvious reasons, a vision of the Plan, nebulous as it must necessarily be, confers a sense of proportion and also of stability. It leads to a much-needed re-adjustment of values, indicating as it does, that there is purpose and objective behind all the difficult happenings of daily life. It broadens and widens and expands the consciousness, as we study the great volume of the planetary life, embracing as it does the detail and the finished structure, the item man, and the entire life of the planet, with their relation to the greater Whole. This is of far more importance than the minute detail of the human being’s individual capacity to grasp his own immediate place within the larger picture…

… It is not, however, a profitless task for the disciples and aspirants to catch the dim outline of that structure, that purpose and that destiny which will result from the consummation and fruition of the Plan on earth. It need evoke no sense of futility or of endless striving or of an almost permanent struggle. Given the fact of the finiteness of man and of his life, given the tremendous periphery of the cosmos and the minute nature of our planet, given the vastness of the universe and the realisation that it is but one of countless (literally countless) greater and smaller universes, yet there is present in men and upon our planet a factor and a quality which can enable all these facts to be seen and realised as parts in a whole, and which permits man (escaping, as he can, from his human self-consciousness) to expand his sense of awareness and identity so that the form aspects of life offer no barrier to his all- embracing spirit… [T]here will be those on earth who can vision the Plan with clarity, and whose vision will be far more inclusive and comprehending than ours. Vision is of the nature of divinity. Expansion is a vital power and prerogative of Deity. Therefore let us struggle to grasp what is possible at our particular stage of development, and leave eternity to reveal its hidden secrets.”[4]


Let us then seek to deepen the vision of the hierarchical Plan, to understand it better through thought illuminated by love for All, in order to learn to cooperate more and more consciously with it. Only by activating our fundamental will-to-Good can we connect to the substantial energy of the planetary Plan, and thus serve, in Group consciousness, the higher Purpose and Will:

“when [certain factors are] connected with each other through linking streams of energy”, they can function consciously in the service of the Greater One.[5]

It is only through expansion and evolution of human Group Consciousness that the restoration of the Plan of Love and Light on Earth can be ensured, as recited in the fourth stanza of the Great Invocation:

From the centre which we call the race of men
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.


* Their previous conjunction along the celestial axis Sagittarius-Gemini, the Direction to the Common Good, took place heliocentrically on June 3, 2016, and the next will be in 28 years, in 2045.
Saturn and Earth are both indicated by Esoteric Astrology as 3rd Ray Agents of Creative Intelligence, the former as the Architect and Master of solar Thought, the latter (with Humanity as Its 3rd Ray Throat Center) as His first Student, who from the Hall of Ignorance is going to the Hall of Experience and finally (in millions of years) will enter the Hall of Wisdom.
Humanity, learning by necessity to love intelligently or to think for love, will eventually develop that Love-Wisdom (2nd Ray Souls of Earth and Jupiter) that will help make the Planet ‘sacred’ like His Greater Brothers (among whom His Master of Light and Lord of the Rings Saturn has a 3rd Ray.
** From E. Savoini, Diary Jan 1987, unpublished text.
[1] We particularly refer to the trans-Himalayan tradition conveyed to the West by the theosophy of M. Blavatsky, A. A. Bailey and H. Roerich.
[2] “What we are seeking to reveal (if possible) is some of the factors which govern the effort which the Hierarchy of Control and the Custodians of the Plan utilise, as They proceed to work with the factors already present in man, and the energies already in objective use on this planet…
… the four major goals which the Workers with the Plan have set Themselves. …:—
1. The first aim and the primary aim is to establish, through the medium of humanity, an outpost of the Consciousness of God in the solar system. This is a correspondence, macrocosmically understood, of the relationship existing between a Master and His group of disciples. …
2. To found upon earth … a powerhouse of such potency and a focal point of such energy that humanity—as a whole—can be a factor in the solar system, bringing about changes and events of a unique nature in the planetary life and lives (and therefore in the system itself) and inducing an interstellar activity.
3. To develop a station of light, through the medium of the fourth kingdom in nature, which will serve not only the planet, and not only our particular solar system, but the seven systems of which ours is one…
4. To set up a magnetic centre in the universe, in which the human kingdom and the kingdom of souls will, united or at-oned, be the point of most intense power, and which will serve the developed Lives within the radius of the radiance of the One About Whom Naught May Be Said.” [The cosmic Life that includes the “constellation” of our solar Life as one of Its Energy Centers].
In these four statements we have sought to express the wider possibility or occasion as the Hierarchy sees it today. Their plans and purposes are destined and oriented to a larger accomplishment than it is as yet possible for normal man to vision. If it were not so, the unfoldment of the soul in man would be a prime objective in the planet. But this is not the case. It may be so from the point of view of man himself, considering him as an essentially separable and identifiable unity in the great cosmic scheme. But it is not so for that greater whole of which humanity is only a part. Those great Sons of God, Who have passed beyond the point of development of those Masters Who work entirely with the human kingdom, have plans of a still vaster and broader sweep, and Their objectives involve humanity only as an item in the Plan of the great Life “in whom we live and move and have our being.”.” (A. A. Bailey, “Esoteric Psychology II”, Lucis Collection, p. 216-218).
[3] The planetary Purpose is ‘deposited’ in the ruling Centre or Solar Government of our Planet, called Shamballa in Sanskrit: “The focussed will of God [of the planetary Lord or Logos], in its immediate implications and application, constitutes the point of tension from which Shamballa works in order to bring about the eventual fruition of the divine Purpose.
There is a definite distinction between Purpose and Will; it is subtle indeed, but quite definite to the advanced initiate, and therefore the dualistic nature of our planetary manifestation and our solar Expression appear even in this. The Members of the Council at Shamballa recognise this distinction and therefore divide Themselves into two groups which are called in the ancient parlance, Registrants of the Purpose and Custodians of the Will. Will is active. Purpose is passive, waiting for the results of the activity of the will. These two groups are reflected in hierarchical circles by the Nirmanakayas or the Planetary Contemplatives, and the Custodians of the Plan.
The function of the Registrants of the Purpose is to keep the channel [antahkarana] open between our Earth, the planet Venus and the Central Spiritual Sun. The function of the Custodians of the Will is to relate the Council, the Hierarchy and Humanity, thus creating a basic triangle of force between the three major centres of the planetary Life. This is the higher expression (symbolic, if you like) of the six-pointed star, formed of two interlaced triangles. A replica of this fundamental triangle and of this symbol of energy, with its inflow and distribution, is to be found in the relation of the three higher centres in the human being—head, heart and throat—to the three lower centres—solar plexus, sacral centre and the centre at the base of the spine.”
“A lower correspondence to these two important groups [the Registrants of the Purpose and the Planetary Contemplatives] has been forming midway between the Hierarchy and Humanity, and to it we give the name of the New Group of World Servers. All these three groups are fundamentally “transmitters of energy”… if you are linking your fate and service to that of the New Group of World Servers. Then you will be in the direct line of spiritual descent, of divine energy…” (A. A. Bailey, “Rays and Initiations”, Lucis Collection, p. 69, 734).
[4] A. A. Bailey, “Esoteric Psychology II”, Lucis Collection, p. 219-20.
[5] A. A. Bailey, “A Treatise on Cosmic Fire”, Lucis Collection, p. 1123.

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        Let this first possible Formulation and Thought-Formula of the Plan accelerate the salvation of humanity and planet through the “causal building” of the Future.

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