Signs of the Heavens 2017 – 3rd quarter of cycle

At the four corners of the annual Cycle, at each solstice and equinox impulse, we “raise our eyes to Heaven” in order to try to decipher Its elusive decrees. These are the signs inscribed on the common Plane of the Ecliptic by cyclic pulsations, or vital vortices, of the solar Luminaries: those energy combinations or ideal Formulas that are the Causes of all events on the Planet and in every consciousness, according to each degree of responsiveness or ‘responsibility’.

According to the emerging yet arcane Science of Cycles, these causative Ideas or Powers producing precipitates are updated by the Heart of our Planet at the 4 discontinuities or main cornerstones of the annual Breath and Orbit, the solstice and equinox directions.

Thus the next Solstice (21 June 2017, h. 4.25 am GMT) introduces the third causal impulse (influencing the 3rd quarter of the cycle from the solstice to the equinox in September) in the present Cycle of the solar advancement of Earth: the energies of the general Plan of the solar Fleet converge through this planetary gate and summit and transform into forces of accomplishment, synthesis and evolutionary reorientation.

For the unifying energy of solstice Polarity, opposites exchange and touch each other: the radiant Light floods the northern hemisphere, beginning to decline from the summer solstice, while the southern hemisphere is immersed in the dark Light of the winter passage, which welcomes the Return of Light.

At the Gates of the solstices, when the projection of the Earth’s polar axis on the Ecliptic coincides with the direction traced by the Sun-Earth axis, the Pendulum of Life has an interlude of suspension, of transcendence, and then resumes the march in the opposite direction: the apparent Sun motion is reversed.

The solstice axis is psycho-geometrically the spine of the annual cycle, its vertical direction, where the Summit and the Valley join at the Center, in the Heart, the propulsive ‘vulcan’ of planetary and individual Consciousness: the Earth (the sphere of experience, for the microcosm the Personality) is at the Gate of the Gods of Capricorn and ‘sees’ the apparent Sun (subjectively Sun/Vulcan or the Soul) at the Cancer Gate of Incarnation.

From above the Builders go back, working,

toward the foundation of the Temple.

Having known the peace of the deep blue,

they follow the turn of the Sun

and come back to serve, indifferent in the valley.[1]

At the height of the June Solstice, halfway through the cycle of revolution, it is necessary to reconfirm the right direction of the Great Service to the Common Good, in the middle point or Center from the beginning (see the Signs of the Heavens 2017 – 1st quarter of the cycle) and the end (Solstice December 2017), between the Purpose and the (relative) Goal.

In such a middle point of the Work, which is already an accomplishment, the synthesis between opposites is determined: “the Spirit floats on the Waters” (Cancer, the House or Matrix, the spatial Substance fecundated by supernal Light – Capricorn) and impregnates them generating new ‘forms’: cycles, visions, currents, seeds, organisms.

The ascension power impressed at the Aries Equinox (the manifest Beginning bringing to light the causing Impulse of the entire annual cycle emanated in Capricornus) culminates at the Cancer Solstice and, before the motion reverses its direction, gives a new state of consciousness, a “Son,” an “illuminated House”, a wider or more profound interior Space wherein to dwell and build the new degree of Commonality, along the right direction of “group consciousness,” Communion, Unity of Being.

In particular, in the heavenly chart of the “major causes” (heliocentric),[2] this Solstice of Cancer-Capricornus 2017 is distinguished by the proximity between Earth at the Summit and Its Master of Thought, Saturn in Sagittarius (joint on June 15 and perfectly opposed at the next solstice of December).[3] Translated into thought formulas, one can resume the previous Equinox Reading: The elevation toward a planetary consciousness can be accelerated and harmonized by a wise and systematic Planning (Earth-Saturn-Capricorn).

Heliocentric Heaven – 3rd Quarter 2017

Inner Wheel: 21 June h. 5.25 UHT – Outer Wheel: 22 September h 20.03


The two bearers of the creative and planning Force of Intelligence (the 3rd Ray for Esoteric Astrology) are enthroned in this solstice Heaven, both forming a beautiful trine (120°, a direction leading to creative abstraction and synthesis – its culmination on 22 July) to Uranus (the 7th Ray of Order and Renewal, very powerful in Aries from 2011 to 2018, and even more in this last year, in its seventh or final sector): the solar Light dynamizes and reveals the Goals of the solar Plan (Saturn-Sagittarius) and the Great Initiator uses that energy to irradiate the Fire of the New (Uranus-Aries), the Principles of a New Culture on Earth (see current Year/Goal 5.3).

The successive supportive sextiles (60°) between Saturn and the Master Jupiter (2nd Ray: Love-Wisdom, the Lord of solar Space and its magnetism) in Libra, as well as to Venus (5th Ray: Golden Construction and mental Force), so powerful in Aquarius, and in turn to Uranus, saturate the solar field with the highest potential of the Uranus-Jupiter opposition along the solar alpha and omega Aries-Libra (culminating on July 13).

It is a great and beneficial accomplishment, ‘expanded’ and elevated at every level by the vortexes of the Air triangle activated by the Lords of Love-Wisdom and Harmony: Jupiter in Libra, Venus in Aquarius and Mercury (4th R, the Magister Musicae of Harmony through Conflict) in Gemini. The latter, beyond confronting the ‘supernal’ Earth-Saturn conjunction, also traces another sextile rapport to Uranus: so it almost emerges a complete Star of Life, the “Seal of the Order”, the symbol, with its 6 points and triangular psycho-geometry, of the perfect Harmony between Spirit and Matter, Ideas and Forms.

The ‘worrisome’ opposing tension between Power and Desire, between the Destroyer Pluto (1st R) in Capricorn (now contrasting/confronting to Jupiter: squaring, 90°) and the Lord of War Mars (6th R) in Cancer is thus controlled and transformed by all these propitious signs, not last the sextile Pluto-Neptune (6th Ray, the Lord of Waters and Compassion, in ‘Its Sign’ Pisces from 2011 to 2025), the Water trine Mars-Neptune and the saving quintile (72°) Earth-Neptune.

Nonetheless, the reforming conjunction between our Earth and Pluto (July 10) has to be ‘monitored’: it is a very strong July 2017 at the heliocentric or causal level. In any case, the right triangle between Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus indicates the ascension of the Earth and Humanity to the initiatory Capricorn Summit, a raising which will not be painless considering both the level of human responsiveness to Heavenly dictates and the current destabilizing presence of the Reformer Pluto.

In this summery quarter cycle, Jupiter’s passage of Sign is also worth noting: since September 10, 2017 to October 6, 2018 (heliocentrically) Jupiter will teach the Lesson of Scorpio: the global Consciousness, thanks to a more dynamic centrality acquired with Jupiter in Libra, is preparing to consolidate (a new degree of) the victory of evolutionary Light. The inevitable involutionary resistances have to be faced in order to control and channel them to maximum beauty and synthesis (Scorpio): the Solar Master, teaching to draw the luminous lines of future, by degrees issues the Principle of Love, the universal Motive, the only Winner.


Here is a possible synthetic formulation of the “signs of the Heavens” for this third impulse and season of 2017 cycle. These Seven active Formulas tend to fix, from the causal plane (higher mind/manas) the Directions impressed by the Building Rays of the solar Plan, those Sounds and Lights that rule the solar evolution of the Planet and Humanity:

1) Sun/Vulcan in Cancer – Earth in Capricorn:

The Solar Spirit sanctions the glory of the Work

2) Jupiter in Libra:

The solar Wisdom draws the luminous lines of future

– from September, 10th Jupiter in Scorpio:

The solar Master imparts the Principle of Love

3) Saturn in Sagittarius:

The solar Light energizes the Vortices of the Plan

4) Mercury in Gemini:

The solar Messenger transmits to mankind the Seal of the Order

5) Venus in Aquarius:

The solar Science unveils the Culture of Brotherhood

6) Neptune in Pisces:

The solar Community infuses the Christic wisdom in the human center

7) Uranus in Aries:

The solar Initiator irradiates the Fire of the new Civilization


At the reciprocal geocentric level, concerning precipitation of the energies on the Planet down to the individual level, the date of June Solstice sees only Venus in a different position from the heliocentric set: It is in Taurus joined to the Moon (4th R., the Mother of Form), in order to (trine) constructively and harmonically elevate the destabilizing influence of Pluto squared to Jupiter, and the latter to Mars, all in Cardinal Cross Signs, the driving motor of crises and initiations. 

Geocentric Heaven – 3rd Quarter 2017

Inner Wheel: 21 June h. 5.25 UHT – Outer Wheel: 22 September h 20.03


In this Heaven of Effects, the Star of Life that gloriously seals the Heaven of Causing impulses is replaced by an irregular star-shaped polygon, a symbol of a rich and varied energy complex, of a collective and coordinated action between the centers of an organism or any other ensemble. This reinforces and supports the organizing creativity of Cancer (3rd -7th Rays), those generative Waters which from the depths urge mass movements and consciousness to integrate into a voluntary collective Individuality. This higher Unit/Unity will protect the enlightened Planetary House and will be based on that Human Group consciousness or right systemic relationships that will be the glory of the Aquarius Age: the planetary Order.


We close ritually these signs of Heaven with the sowing of the corresponding sevenfold geocentric Formulas, asserting the right correspondence of Humanity to heliocentric causal impulses:

1) Sun/Vulcan in Cancer – Earth in Capricorn:

I build a lighted House and therein dwell

2) Jupiter in Libra:

Let Heart be the guide to Right Relationships

3) Saturn in Sagittarius:

Let the Ageless Wisdom be the foundation of future Life

4) Mercury in Gemini:

Let the heart guide the servers’ intelligence

5) Venus in Taurus:

Let the open eye reveal the true Beauty

6) Neptune in Pisces:

Let Sensitivity open the gates to the Infinite

7) Uranus in Aries:

Let the cosmic Seeds inspire mankind to embody the Fifth Kingdom


Let us sow the Principles descending from Heaven

to initiate and form the new Culture and Civilization.

[1] See the Sign of Cancer in “Building of the Temple”.
[2] The perspective of these readings of the Heavens here is both heliocentric, recognized as the Heaven of general Causes and Effects, and geocentric, the Heaven of detailed causes and effects.
Being both tropical perspectives, they concern the celestial energies influencing the planetary vital or etheric body. These causal energies are transmitted by the zodiacal Wheel of the 12 Signs, the 12 Archetypes of the evolution of Consciousness, corresponding yet not coincident, at the phenomenal level, with their relative astronomical or sidereal Constellations.
[3] The entry of Saturn in Capricorn (Dec 15th 2017 heliocentrically, and Dec 20th geocentrically), and especially Its conjunction with the Destroyer Pluto (1st R.) at the beginning of 2020, will mark a decisive step for the initiation of the human Group, ‘fixing’ their previous alignment late eighteenth century (which saw both the American War of Independence and the French Revolution: Liberté-Egalité-Fraternité – Liberty, Equality and Fraternity).
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