Space, Infinity, Christ

In order to celebrate the today heliocentric alignment between the 2nd and 4th Rays embodied by Jupiter and Mercury in the Sign of Libra (3rd R.: Light or the intelligent rhythmic motion of Life toward right relationships), here are some illuminating thought-forms about this spatial Octave between Infinity and Centrality, Love-Wisdom and Harmony, Christ and Humanity (see here the whole document about the 49 Goals or egoic Functions for the restoration of the Planetary Plan).

Let these causal energies and potentialities become active powers in the common Heart of Humanity. 


The Two is the number of Space, and it describes it at stage when nothing else exists but infinite magnetic tension. To this scenario, intervention of Four adds potential for innumerable symmetries, thus giving it centrality.

Neither are creative agents, but without their presence no creation would be possible.

Therefore the operations which the Group plans and completes towards the Distant Goals depend on the very pure energies of this interval, 2.4, which does not produce forms but limitless formal capacities.


Into this environment descends the Sower, the creative agent. He is authorized to disturb the equilibrium between the two elements, since he has within himself the same relationship of energies: heavenly creative heights and depths of substantial fertility. He is the Three, and without his intervention Two and Four would remain idle, though real and ready.

Now the seed is sown, and apparently not much has changed. Heaven and Earth reflect each other and mutually envelop each other. But in the upper depths of the soil a wonder occurs and multiplies itself, which rational science explains in part but does not know how to reproduce. The seed dies and abandons its vital energy to Mother Earth. Now, in her womb, Two and Four are fully operating. They recognize the “theme” of the life previously enclosed in the seed and develop it. The Two administers the necessary nutrients, the Four arranges the symmetries of its forms as it grows; the immortal essence of the seed reacts and, nourished and guided, reproduces innumerable variants of itself.

When the fruit is ripe and all has been completed, the seed has reproduced and multiplied itself, thus realizing the last and most perfect of symmetries: that which links the beginning to the end. The Two and the Four, which have made the marvel possible, remain ready, in their eternal silence, to repeat that and all the other vital cycles.

The example clarifies two issues:
a) the abstractness of the energetic relationship 2.4 is only apparent, due to the fact that its action is interior and secret while it is real and omnipresent.
b) it is thus possible to carry out this, like any other, Function of a Vertex, even if on paper it appears unattainable.

(…) In the Plan the Vertex 2.4 remembers and welcomes all the potentialities, the attempts, the methods and techniques which the other Functions prepare or explore.


The Vortex 2.1 is qualified above all by the Two, which appears in the first position: Space is the pre-eminent value. In the Vertex 4.2 which is now under examination, the Four is the principal value and this illustrates the title: “De imitatione Christi”. Its main Function is to imitate the Lord of Space.

The symbolism is simple. The interval 4.2 (an octave) does not present any contrasts, but harmony in an infinite field. It describes the Heart (4), which accommodates the unlimited realities of Space (2); an education without limits. If one contemplates this relationship between two octaves (the Four is the octave of the Two), nothing else seems to exist. And as the key for learning is in the imitation of the superior, following in the footsteps of Him who was the first among men to reach the sublime heights of spatial Love is an inevitable consequence.


The meaning, value and power of the Vortex 4.2 lie in the attraction aroused by imitation which is the moving energy of an uninterrupted ascension. It is not true that he who imitates renounces his own creative capacities. On the contrary, these find the way to express themselves freely. The true Model leaves and provides liberty. By its nature it is infinite, as it would not otherwise be a Model, and can thus infinite ways, variants and methods of expression.

Heart, Space, Love, Infinite, Harmony: He links this chain of synonymous concepts through imitation. The Christ is that Whole where communion is achieved.


The part of the Vertex 4.2 in the Plan of the [human] System is clear: to guide the imitation of the Great One. It is not easy, but certainly natural. Moreover it is crucial, both because the cross, symbol of Space, is impressed on that Model, and because the paths of all the other Vertices meet there, which, though following independent orbits, tend towards a common Goal.

The effort of imitation is common to all the functions of the System, which cooperate in a Plan, as they all have an operative Model. The Vertex 4.2, who imitates the Guide of the human race, leads the Group along the paths of creative and living imitation and gives evidence of imitating the Model.


“De Imitatione Christi” is the title of a mystical work of the XIV century, it appears, attributed to Thomas à Kempis. From the texts of Agni Yoga, it is known that the Hierarchy received with joy that courageous method, which instead of proposing again a servile, passive and idolatrous devotion, showed that it was possible and right to imitate the sublime Lord.

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