Saturn trine Uranus: the Fire of the New

We are at the peak of the heliocentric* Trine (120°) between SATURN and URANUS, a corner and sound consecrated to creative synthesis (the Three, the Number of the Spirit Aspect and 120°/360° = 1/3, the creator interval of Fifth).

Saturn is the systemic vehicle of the 3rd Ray and Power of Light or Creative Intelligence, whereas Uranus is of the 7th Ray, the ordering and reorganizing power that accomplishes the initial Purpose, down to the 7th physical plane of Manifestation.

Both are at the limit of the two Signs of Fire  Sagittarius and Aries, the first (Saturn) to dynamically and progressively illuminate the Plan of advancement and the direction to the Goal, the second (Uranus) to command a radical reordering, an initiatory jump, to all creatures and consciousnesses of the planetary system, according to the necessity of the new evolutionary degree.

These two Luminaries and Principles of Synthesis, now in a fiery creative collaboration on causal level (heliocentric), blur as unusual as ingenious solutions on the abstract levels of the most advanced minds of mankind: the resistances of Substance or Matter will progressively decay, similarly to Berlin Wall, in front of the rise of the New, of the evolutionary Reorganization.

The Titan Saturn, Cronos the son of Uranos, indicates the beginning of a less irregular and more ‘physical’ phase in the creation of human Races (see Anthropogenesis), as well as the cyclical periodicity of Time, that is, the application of Rhythm, of the Creating Sound, to the undifferentiated Energy of Life, of Heaven (Uranus).

Let us therefore guess the gifts and possibilities of this ardent triangulation between the Energy of Life (Uranus) and Intelligent Matter (Saturn).

In the text From linear to cyclical time, the composed cycle between Uranus (7th R) and Saturn (3rd R) for its psychogeometries created in Space has been defined as: The cross in the circle – the cycle that gives the Rules of Synthesis.

Uranus and Saturn conjoin roughly every 43 years, 19-20 times in a “solar Day” of 840 years (see page 14 in the document).

The solar Organizer (Uranus) and the Planner (Saturn) trace through their main progressive angular relations (conjunctions and oppositions) the quaternary figure, in the shape of a cross, since the two following similar aspects (for example two conjunctions) occur in opposite Signs,thus ‘piercing’ the center, and intercepting all the six axes or directions of the zodiac opposites in about 300 years.

In fact, whilst the conjunctions of the major Cycle between Uranus and Neptune (see video: Celestial Geometries) trace the point, in the case of this second Cycle they trace the line, the zodiacal axes. The greater Cycle circulates and contains (completing a whole turn around the Zodiac in 3600 years), the secondary one goes up and down, straining the opposites and synthesizing them at the center.

Their most recent opposition in 2009 between Pisces and Virgo worked as a break between the conjunctions of 1988 in Sagittarius and of 2032 in Gemini, all Signs of Mutable Cross, or of changes. As a propeller, the Mutable Cross currently moves and feeds the new rules of the Heart, the center of the cross of life: the Synthesis is obtained at the Center between opposites and now through unceasing motion, transformation and research.

Thus the 2017 fiery trine, propitious and creative, follows the opposition of 2009 and prepares Their square (90°) of 2021 between Aquarius and Taurus, the “quarter of cycle” that is equivalent to the “spring” or the first spatial manifestation of the potential impulse blazed in 2009.

Either considering this latter solar Cycle 3-7 (the tension to synthesize at the center) according to its oppositions (1965-2009) or its conjunctions (1988-2032), it can be observed that, on the Form plane of human events, the social and ideal/idealistic turmoils between the 1960s and 1970s have shifted and enlarged, crystallizing, to the economic, inter-racial and collective subconscious spheres (the mass consciousness of Cancer, the transmitter of just the 3rd and 7th Rays, and causing, in this precessional cycle, the collective motions for freedom and light).

In addition, the technological Revolution (Aquarius-Uranus-odd Rays) has exploded (conjunctions) and completely transformed our relationship with the concepts of distance and time. We are more and more connected, everything is accelerated, in a progressively chaotic, superficial and frenetic way in the appearance of form; but, in the essence, it is the renewing urgency of the new degree and rhythm closest to the Center which calls ardent consciousnesses. It is the Voice of Silence which wants to emerge in an ever more crystalline way, the solving Truth of that state of Reality and Synthesis that dwells the here and now, everywhere and always of the Eternal present, of Being.

The Awakening from identification with the material aspects of existence is the evolutionary command, in ever more unexpected and unusual ways, yet in a regular, indefinable and indefferable progression.

In synthesis, the spatial relationship 3-7 between Saturn and Uranus orientates the evolving consciousness to the Plan of solar Order and the System of solar Light. Let the Fire of the New released by the trine light up and shake consciousness to restore the solar Plan and Order on Earth.


In the roar of apparent chaos,

let the Lord of Heaven (Uranus) and of the Earth (Saturn)

open the Heart of Humanity to the Voice of Silence of the Central Sun,

to the everlasting Song of the Great Labor.


* Geocentrically, the exact trine occurs 3 times for the retrogradation phenomenon, exactly on 25 Dec 25th 2016, May 19th 2017 and Nov 11th 2017, thus qualifying the entire 2017 year.

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    Thank you dear Anto for the song of cycles of the Great Labor,

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