Natural Solemnity and Spiritual Exactness

In order to celebrate the today heliocentric alignment between the 5th and 7th Rays embodied by Venus and Uranus in the Sign of Aries (1st-7th R.: Life Impulse for both manifestation and abstraction; electric initiatory Fire), here are some illuminating thought-forms about this fertile and solemn spatial relationship between Nature and Order, Form and Rhythm (see here the whole document about the 49 Goals or egoic Functions for the restoration of the Planetary Plan).

Let these causal energies and potentialities become active powers in the common Heart of Humanity.


‘Liturgy’ has not only that religious or clerical meaning, most common today, but also designates the complex of the operations of a human society necessary for its life and activities. The Greeks, who coined the word, understood it in this way. In this sense one can speak of liturgy of the [human] System. The word is appropriate to indicate both the variety of its work and the sacredness of its rhythm, and describes the meeting, or interval, between the energies of the fifth and the seventh Lord.

It is wise to recognize that liturgy is an inevitable good and to respect its dictates with attention and care, especially in complex organisms, like the System and its Stars, which have precisely the purpose of restoring rhythm and value to human life. The Universe, the greatest of Systems, has a liturgy of its own, which appears evident from its splendid arrangement, and the same can be said of the solar and planetary System. It is certainly a good thing to tie the rhythms of any human activity purposely to those majestic and solemn rhythms of the hierarchical spatial environment which lodges and nourishes them.


The Vortex 5.7 is therefore the generator of operational liturgies. Like every other interval, it is a synthesis and wonderfully governs and expresses the tendency to work according to spatial laws and rules. This is the Vortex which generates and disciplines the whole of the pulsating life of the System.

Solemnity is appropriate to the Vertex who has the task of governing this potent interval. It is worth illustrating this concept:

It is not the proud, inflated pompousness exhibited by some officers of the State and Clergy who, cloaked in haughtiness, show themselves to be small-minded. It is the spontaneous act of the heart which recognizes the relationship with Life and its luminous laws. It is more like a smile than a frown; it expresses calm and serene joy. In brief, it is the way of being of nature, never trivial but always majestic and great, even in its most humble actions.

From the Vertex 5.7, therefore, the balsam of true solemnity must be disseminated throughout the group, spreading out to cover its work and repair damage produced by irreverence and profanity. It frequently happens that the results of a common activity are corrupted, if free access is allowed to derision and vulgarity. Malevolent criticism is typical of this age of transition: resort is made to scorn to quench the impulses of the heart.

To understand his function really well, he should observe nature for a long time and seek to imitate its way of being, absorbing it within himself little by little. Nature is the manifestation of the relationship between 5 and 7. The System and its Plan will have a good outcome if the help and silent guidance of this Vertex are like natural events and just as magical, enchanting and majestic.


All the endeavours of the 7 possess something magical, carrying the aroma of a superior world. Its qualities will be studied better with regard to the Vertex 7.5, where its energies predominate. In this Vertex they are subordinate, but they do not lose their transfiguring quality on this account: a little rigour and exactness is enough to elevate the dignity of facts and things which the 5 creates for the glory of the one.


Here is the right occasion for acquaintance with the seventh divine emanation, which is most enigmatic of all. To grasp its truth, the mind must be penetrating, which is not common. Rarely is the mental sky in man limpid, serene and without eddies, and a slight ripple of its energies is sufficient to veil the action of the 7. The relationship between 7 and 5 however, with the prevalence of the former, and in favourable conditions, teaches one to love the last of the divine qualities, which closes the cycle of form and gives back the energy to the Infinite.

The 7 is in fact the creative inventor responsible for exchanges between form and the infinity surrounding it. It is always at the boundaries, wherever they appear and at whatever level. It is never overbalanced towards the inside or the outside, towards one side or the other: it is an arbiter of absolute and impartial indifference. Therefore it is considered foreign or external both by the extroverted and the introverted consciousness.

As Harmonics teaches, its Sound confirms this rather strange situation, because the 7 does not belong to the perfect harmonies of the senarius (Rays from 1 to 6) nor to the clamour of chaos. This position makes it, so to speak, solitary, and it is a great sacrifice, as those who work for the Common Good without being recognized can understand. The Seventh Lord accepts this paradoxical condition. Though defending both the environment (threatened by aggressiveness of forms) and inner infinity, he does not win any gratitude – which goes to demonstrate his truth.


All this illustrates the dualism of the 7, already pointed out in other studies. However, a third aspect can be recognized, which allows one to know it better. If the Seventh Ray presides over the boundaries, it is there that one must look for it in order to understand its secret action.

The 7, therefore, watches over boundaries, not to defend this or that region from the attacks of one or the other side, but precisely to eliminate boundaries. It carries out this mission solely by correcting errors of planning, refining calculations and designs, perfecting choices until it achieves precision. Then the form, which is the real and only seat of the imperfect, no longer has any reason to exist.

The 7 is never violent. To liberate consciousness, it refines the form – which is always possible – and brings it to the peak of real precision. Thus, in transfiguring it, it annuls it.


Between the Fifth Lord who builds form and the Seventh who dissolves it (both pursuing the same aim) a continuous and sublime dialogue is in process, a higher collaboration, made possible by the common Will to Good.

The 7 seems to act on the lowest and most concrete level, or in the physical world, which is actually an ultimate limit. This also sets him apart, while in reality he filters the concreteness of things and spiritualizes them. He controls and checks the beginnings and results, always on the brink of the abyss between inside and outside. In a numerical sense he is the last of the seven brothers, yet is the first, who restores to life the liberty taken from it by appearance. Great, noble Lord of Space!


Much good will come to the planet and to its creatures from the Seventh Lord who is now arising. The Vertex 7.5 must understand the truth of this advent in order to promote the System and the Plan. With the growth of his external power, the 7 will work on the forms, especially the more concrete ones, which are the lower limit of manifestation. When the 4 also rises again, the combination of the two energies will be a fine occasion of pure beauty. All this is inevitable and not too far off in the future.

If the System proposes to present new ideals and new thought-forms, it can be understood how precious and beneficial the work of this Vertex is in the general activity of the Group, in that it continually brings it closer to spiritual exactness. In the present age all the Vertices in which the 7 is active have the wind in their sails, and especially the 7.5, as both its energies are manifest and will remain so for a long time.


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