The Power of Imitating Hierarchy

In order to celebrate the today heliocentric alignment between the 1st and 4th Rays embodied by Pluto and Mercury in the Sign of Capricorn (1st-3rd-7th Rays: the supernal Light and its initiatory and restoring power on Earth and Humanity), here are some illuminating thought-forms about this interval of Octave/Fourth 1/4 – an energy Vortex and relationship which transforms Will into Form, unifying Power and Beauty, Will and Intuition, purpose and transformation (see here the whole document about the 49 Goals or egoic Functions for the restoration of the Planetary Plan).

Considering also the yesterday alignment between Earth-Sun and the 1st Ray Star Merak of the Great Bear Constellation, as well as the current Sign Leo (1st-5th Rays), this is really a powerful and propitious time to align with the higher Model and Its infinite Hierarchy of Life.

Let these causal energies, potentialities and functions become active powers in the common Heart of Humanity. 


It is certainly true that human social life must have a model to imitate: otherwise it would lack points of reference, and it is unthinkable that in such a situation it could proceed safely alone. Many human misadventures are due precisely to the blindness caused by not thinking of the Model. Moreover, the strong Fourth Ray component which is always active in the human kingdom makes it the natural mirror between higher and lower levels of the manifested world, to the benefit of all creation. If then man is by nature a great Imitator, how could he do without models on which to mould his social activities?


The nub of the question can be described in this way: the Hierarchy acts without egoistic impulses, while (present) humanity is saturated with them. How can the two opposite ways of being be reconciled? In other words: how can one emerge from the enclosure of egoism without imitating those who have done so? How can one find a way out of the Labyrinth, if one refuses the hand of the Guide?


In the [human] System and in every one of its Stars, the heart, not the reason, responds to all that concerns Functions dedicated to the Four. So the Vertex 1.4 must find heart, not cerebral, solutions to what concerns it. Its Function places it on the axis of vertical symmetry of the Group, and imposes on it the continual search for dynamic equilibrium, which is obtained by balancing not weights or quantities, but energies.

Together with all the other Vertices of the Fourth Ray (the Fourth Star and the Star of the Four) he shares the task of exploring the Infinite, which is a higher Truth of Life, and bringing it into the human level which is able to receive it.


The Vertex 1.4 therefore has the task of settling the intellectual struggles which present themselves, for example, when the question of the Model of human social life is concerned. What are “right human relations”? On what basis can they be evaluated?

These and other questions await urgent replies, which are certainly possible but have not so far been expressed in a definite way. To act in this difficult field, a really authentic culture is needed.


The Vertices of the Four, more than any other in the Group, know that they are not asked to act in an external and formal sense, with acts of “small” service. As they stand in the Centre and do not depart from it, what they accomplish is communicated to all the other members without passing through external channels.


At the basis of all researches and proposals concerning right human relations is the idea of Brotherhood, recognized in words but rarely lived. Of all the degrees of relationship, only this is acceptable as true for all, without other distinctions. But if one affirms that all men are brothers and behaves in accordance with this principle, the ties of blood are at this point superseded so that this Brotherhood can only be spiritual.

The Hierarchy is called “Brotherhood” also to recognize the link which unites humanity to its Superiors. And to this relationship no limit can be seen: it connects every creature to all the others in the Universe. Hence it is possible and correct to look upwards to seek the model of human social life.


The Goal of the First Star of the System [first column in the 7 x 7 matrix: 1.1 to 7.1] is the Restoration of the Mysteries, and therefore the Function of its Fourth Vertex works to imitate the superior Order. The texts of the Teaching give much information about this Order, sufficient to arouse the desire to emulate it on a small scale.

It has been said several times that imitation is necessary and excellent. It corresponds to the nature of the Four and of that which represents it in any structure. “To imitate” is a universal science, whose acquisition is never complete, and on which depends even the final result of the Cosmos. It can thus be understood what importance the central cross in the System, formed and held by the fourth Vertices, assumes. On its operation depend the internal and external outcomes of the joint Work.


He who imitates a Model goes by increments. When he has perceived an aspect, he tries to express it, evaluates what he has completed and compares it with what he sees of the Model. If his consciousness progresses, he realizes that the result is still very distant from that and with loving patience he tries again. He approaches the inexpressible by degrees.

If one thinks that even the planetary Logoi, sublime Intelligences, pursue Their great Models, and that, copying them, they are elevated from sphere to sphere, drawing with them innumerable masses of a lower consciousness, one understands the power implicit in the act of imitating the Superior creatively and one sees how the evolutionary process appears discontinuous whereas it flows from a constant impulse.

The Vertex 4.1 in particular has a difficult task, as always when the first meets other Rays. In brief, it consists of preparing the “shell” of that reality, destined with time, to be recognized on High as Order.


By imitation, two simultaneous movements are started: from below to above and vice versa: the Group stretches forth towards the Hierarchy, which is attracted by the System [the Egoic prototype of a planetary human Order]. When the situation is mature – which will depend on the concordant, persistent and collective effort of the Group – the meeting between the two formations, the smallest and the greatest, will be inevitable.

The Vertex 4.1 is the Pilot of this link-up between the higher and real Order and that simulated in the Group. All the other Vertices of the Four collaborate in it. The success of the Function will open many Doors which seem to be closed and will lead to many victories of various kinds, because the activities of the System are linked together and each one receives while it gives support.


“Lead us from chaos to Beauty”

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