Sun-Earth-Fomalhaut alignment

After 5 days from the 5th Ray alignment Earth-Sun-Regulus (see the symmetrical direction Regulus-Earth-Sun alignment on February, 18), today it occurs the 7th Ray alignment Sun-Earth-Fomalhaut, the mouth of the one Fish which receives the water of Life of Aquarius :

“There are three constellations in Aquarius. The Southern Fish, Pisces Australes, picturing in connection with Aquarius the coming world saviours. Note that here, in the culmination of Pisces, we have one fish, the avatar, not the two fishes banded together.” (From: A. A. Bailey, “The Labours of Hercules”, Lucis Collection).

Fomalhaut (Aquarius) is one of the four royal Stars together with Aldebaran (Taurus), Regulus (Leo) and Antares (Scorpio), associated to the “4 corners of the World”, the 4 Maharajas/Archangels (Raphael, Uriel, Michael and Gabriel) and Evangelists (Mathew, Luke, Mark and John).

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the 7th Ray Luminary or solar Hierophant and Master of Ceremonies, and ‘hierarchically’ by the Moon, again veiling Uranus. The electrifying power of Fohat purifying and vitalizing the Soma/Substance, the spatial waters of Life, is on Earth that saving force which in the coming age will abundantly pour into the etheric body of the Planet through the rhythmic Order of Life (7th Ray).

Thus this cosmic (double) alignment (Earth-Sun-Fomalhaut is on February, 22) has to be celebrated with precision, unanimity and one-pointedness by the New Group of World Servers, ruled by Aquarius.


Today, the human planetary Order which the synthesis of human spirits essentially is, oriented to the crucial date of 2025, receives and transmits the 7th cosmic Ray of Order and Ceremonial Magic. This cosmic Rays impulsion is impressed and sown, on the Ecliptic Plane of Love and Light and in all human hearts, by the 7th Department of this inner Order of Spirits or hierarchical Humanity and through seven relevant Intentions, Directions or Formulas, for the benefit of our beloved Blue Planet.

As it has been sown for the 2nd Ray on Sun-Earth-Sirius alignment, the 1st Ray on Sun-Earth-Merak alignment, the 5th Ray on Regulus-Earth-Sun alignment and the 4th-6th on Aldebaran-Sun-Earth-Antares alignment, the human Hierarchy impresses on Earth Seventh Ray thought-form made of  seven living centers:

7.1 I identify the great celestial Rite

7.2 I prepare for and announce the Reappearance

7.3 I regulate the ascent to the solar Order

7.4 I apply the canon of Beauty

7.5 I sublimate form and free its essence

7.6 I coordinate the Work of the new human Community



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