Signs of the Heavens 2017 – 4th quarter of cycle

It is time for a balanced evaluation and appraisal: the fourth hinge of the annual Breath of Our Planet, the September Equinox, collects the fruit of the experience matured in the preceding 9 months, starting from the causal Seed entered at the solstitial Beginning (December). Its gestation has ended (in Virgo, the Mother, 9th Sign from Capricorn) and in this equinoctial ‘passage’ or interlude a new phase comes to light: Libra, like all cardinal signs, is a fulfillment (10th Sign), which from the point of view of the unceasing march of the Spirit implies crisis (from krinein = to choose), serving the necessary reorientation.

Experience, if it is such and not a simple experiment without learning and improvement, progressively helps to better discriminate at all levels, teaching to wisely measure options through the ‘balance’ (scale) of the heart and choose accordingly, by the ‘sword of the mind, the most just or evolutionary possibility.

Let us therefore apply discrimination to the evolution of the Seed or purpose identified at the last Capricorn solstice (see the Signs of the Heavens 2017 – 1st quarter of the cycle).

This year 2017 is specially devoted, for group consciousness oriented to constitute the prototype of a human Order, to the Sowing of the Principles of the New Culture (Goal 5.3[1] of the Plan), the mission itself of TPS.

The causal energies available in the celestial Seed of the Initial Impulse had been synthesized in the following heliocentric Formula (attributed to the central Vulcan of the Sun, the central Soul of all Planets):

The solar Will fecundates the Seeds of the new Culture

In the subsequent discontinuities of the planetary Heart pulsation, the Formula evolved into the following causal vibrations:

The solar Ardor illuminates the direction to the Purpose (March Equinox)

The Solar Spirit sanctions the glory of the Work (June solstice)

Now, at the September Equinox or 4th annual cycle Impulse, the Heaven in the Heart asserts into human consciousness and in the Eternal Present:

The central Sun calls to hierarchical Responsibility

Expressing this ‘cross’ of intents, each Heart (human soul) is itself the living Seed of the Future, and holds a ‘dose of Life’ necessary to start the new solar Culture: the “Cult of Light” which, in due course, will reestablish Order and the Plan of Evolution on Earth, according to the hierarchical Purpose.

In the here and now, wherever and always – another formula for the causal level – the Will-to-Good attests the Purpose following the ‘elusive decrees’ of the solar Plan, carved by the silent and profound proceeding of solar Luminaries on Ecliptic Plane: that “purpose which can not be understood until the Plan is followed.”[2]

With the Heart full of the glory of the Work – a future glory in Appearance but here and now in the causing power of Life – it is now the most favorable time to answer the Call and assume the responsibility of our Reality: that of the Fourth human Hierarchy, part of the spiritual Body of the solar Logos and commissioned to be mindful in order to harmonize (Fourth Ray) Life and Appearance, Heaven and Earth, Cause and Effect.


Responsibility or responsiveness to Necessity, and wise use of Opportunity offered by Karma (Law of Equilibrium) are Formulas or Energies governed by the Luminary Saturn (a ‘Heavenly Man’ or Planetary Logos whose Soul is of 3rd R, Creative Intelligence), the Master of Thought for our Earth (whose Personality is 3rd R, “the place of Experience”). It is especially now (every 30 terrestrial years or Saturn year/revolution) that the Solar Architect is in conjunction/convergence to the Galactic Center direction and next to enter Its Sign Capricorn (1st-3rd-7th Rays), precisely on December 15 (December 20 geocentrically): the Light supernal then sends its crystals, the seeds of spirit, the principles of the New, into the Earth Valley.[3]

Heliocentric Heaven – 4th Quarter 2017 
Inner Wheel: 22 September h 20.03 UHT – Outer Wheel: 21 December 2017 h. 16.28


At the Equinox Date/Direction, the Earth, at the fiery doors of Aries (1st-7th Rays, the initiatory Fire of Manifestation getting the Impulse of Capricorn to emerge), is just in quadrature with Saturn (90°, the perpendicularity between the forces, which accentuates the tension and allows the transformation of conflicts into harmony), precisely at the end of Sagittarius (4th-5th-6th Rays: the Direction and ardor of the unceasing pursuit for the common Good). Thus the Earth (for the microcosm, the Personality) ‘sees’ the apparent Sun (subjectively Sun/Vulcan or the Soul) at the thresholds of Libra (3rd Ray, Light or the dynamic pivot of the Synthesis between Spirit and Substance).

A fiery, powerful and solving Triangle combines Saturn in Sagittarius, Uranus in Aries and Mars in Leo: the trine (120°, a direction leading to creative abstraction and synthesis) between Saturn and Uranus (7th Ray, Order and Renewal, very potent in Aries from 2011 to May 2018, and even more in this last glimpse, in the seventh or final sector of the Sign) has seen solar Light dynamizing and revealing the Goals of the solar Plan (Saturn-Sagittarius) and the Great solar Initiator using this energy to irradiate the Fire of the New (Uranus-Aries), the Principles of a New Culture on Earth (Year 5.3). In addition, the ardent impetousness of Mars energy (6th Ray Personality, the Warrior vector of Vulcan’s Will) increases the initiatory intensity of this equinoctial crossroad.

A choice must be made “between two fires”, each consciousness at their level, since the central Sun calls to Responsibility.

Even the other quadratures and sextiles (60°, collaborative) enrich this causal energy framework: it is time for review, and all aspects, qualities and worlds are implicated.

In particular, it is worth noting the co-operative sextile between Saturn and Jupiter (2nd Ray: Love-Wisdom, the Lord of solar Space and its Magnetism), in turn opposed to Uranus and sextile to Mars. Along with Mars in Leo, Jupiter in Scorpio is in quincunx (150°, an agent of redemption and energy conversion) to our Earth, thus targeting the 2nd and 6th Rays of this powerful configuration called the “finger of God”: will the ardor of conquest move from the plane of effects to that of causes?

Taddeo di Bartolo – Florence

Jupiter is now in Scorpio since September 10: global Consciousness was somehow elevated toward the ability to manage energy resources with Jupiter in Libra (first inner energy then, in due course, also outwardly); it is about to consolidate in this year the progress of evolutionary Light or Harmony.[4]The inevitable involutionary resistances must therefore be faced in order to dominate and convey them to the utmost beauty and synthesis: the solar Master, after having taught the tracing of the luminous lines of the Future to the responsive consciousness, now gradually imparts the Principle of Love, the universal Motive, the only Winner.

The opposition between Uranus and Jupiter, with its potential for “beneficent accomplishment”, dominated 2017 along with the trine Saturn-Uranus, and is now fading yet still holding ‘field’ thanks to the squares:

– to Venus (5th Ray, golden Construction and mental Force), highly procreative in Cancer (3rd-7th Rays: Dark Light, the matrix or Mother-Nature that nourishes all forms, births, cycles and events) and

– to Mercury (4th R., the Magister Musicae of Harmony through Conflict) focusing in Leo (1st-5th Rays: domination, centrality and constructive power of Consciousness or solar Fire).

Venus, in tension with Uranus, Saturn and Earth, seems to prepare the field for the new process of the enlightened Judge Saturn, in Capricorn from the next quarter of cycle (solstice): Venus rules or relays the initiatory influence of Capricorn for Monads or human Spirits, and connects to the Light supernal according to the Law of Right Relationships, or golden Divine Proportion. Venus is the Elder Brother or solar Angel of Earth, and its cycle in golden section to that of Earth confirms it.

Humanity must assume its Hierarchical Responsibility.

The urgency of the times speaks for itself. The Sixth Race, which will reunite the Two Origins, is about to be born on mental level.

Even the Destroyer Pluto (1st Ray Personality) in Capricorn helps Humanity in reconstructing its true Identity (quintile 72° Pluto-Earth), and seizing the Opportunity of the rising Age of Brotherhood. At the center of Capricorn and Pisces (connected by the persistent sextile of Pluto and Neptune), Aquarius ‘more abundant life’, the water of life, will revive the destinies of mankind, purifying and saving the ‘prisoners of the planet’, i.e., the “lunar” forces and vehicles that make up our planetary and human Personality.

Neptune, the 6th Ray planetary Soul, the Lord of Waters, in this process of purification from the depths, in ‘Its Sign’ Pisces (2nd-6th Rays: the Father’s House) until the fateful 2025 dissolves every resistance to heavenly Compassion.


Here is a possible synthetic formulation of the “signs of the Heavens” for this fourth impulse and season of 2017 cycle. These Seven active Formulas tend to fix, from the causal plane (higher mind/manas) the Directions impressed by the Building Rays of the solar Plan, those Sounds and Lights that rule the solar evolution of the Planet and Humanity:

1) Sun/Vulcan in Libra – Earth in Aries:

The central Sun calls to hierarchical Responsibility

2) Jupiter in Scorpio:

The solar Master imparts the Principle of Love

3) Saturn in Sagittarius:

The solar Light energizes the Vortices of the Plan 

Saturn in Capricorn (from December 15):

The Light supernal initiates to the hierarchical Plan

4) Mercury in Leo:

The Solar Messenger concentrates the fires of Will 

5) Venere in Cancer:

The solar Flame coordinates units into archipelagos of light 

6) Neptune in Pisces:

The solar Community infuses the Christic wisdom in the human center

7) Uranus in Aries:

The solar Initiator irradiates the Fire of the new Civilization


At the reciprocal geocentric level, concerning precipitation of the energies on the Planet down to the individual level, 

Geocentric Heaven – 4th Quarter 2017
Inner Wheel: 22 September h 20.03 UHT – Outer Wheel: 21 December 2017 h. 16.28


the September Equinox Date, in addition to the activation of the Sun-Earth axis Libra-Aries (the vector of the highest energy of Great Bear through Its 5th R. Conductor Alkaid/Bhrigu), also sees energized the Pisces-Virgo axis (2nd-6th Rays), for the presence of Neptune in opposition to Venus, Mars and Mercury. The almost perfect opposition of the two Sixth Rays Neptune and Mars insists on the need to purify the solar plexus of Man, that lower astral-mental polarization (kamâ-manas) still dominating and praising the world: it is urgent to creatively imagine (still kamâ-manas substance but led by higher Manas: the abstract Idealism) the New, opening the gates to the Infinite.

The trines Uranus to Saturn and Mercury-Mars to Pluto powerfully awaken the operational and mental resources of human consciousness as well as the desire for reform and regeneration.

Even Jupiter and the Moon (4th Ray, the Mother of Form, receptive and generative, who, for Esoteric Astrology, actually veils another Planet) support this radical rebalancing and transformation of existence towards a new Harmony (falling or weakened Moon in Scorpio). Everything points to the solstice of December 2017 (the outer wheel in the Chart), when solar forces (Sun/Vulcan) culminate at the Summit, the Door of the Gods, supported by the Intelligent Light of Saturn, the carrier of Necessity, and by the golden Light of Venus (5 and 3, corresponding to the Goal and ongoing year 5.3): the right systemic relationships are the Way of hierarchical Responsibility for humanity.


We close ritually these signs of Heaven with the sowing of the corresponding sevenfold geocentric Formulas, asserting the right correspondence of Humanity to heliocentric causal impulses:

1) Sun/Vulcan in Libra – Earth in Aries:

I choose the way between the two great lines of force

2) Jupiter in Libra:

Let Heart be the guide to Right Relationships 

Jupiter in Scorpio (from October 10):

Let the struggle for Love on Earth be won in the name of the Union of Worlds  

3) Saturn in Sagittarius:

Let the Ageless Wisdom be the foundation of future Life  

Saturn in Capricorn (from December 20):

Let the traveler follow the Way of Service along the bright spiral

4) Mercury in Virgo:

Let Thought support the proper use of resources on the Planet 

5) Venus in Virgo:

Let Man be the chalice of the divine on earth

6) Neptune in Pisces:

Let Sensitivity open the gates to the Infinite

7) Uranus in Aries:

Let the cosmic Seeds inspire mankind to embody the Fifth Kingdom

Let us sow the Principles descending from Heaven

to initiate and form the new Culture and Civilization.

[1] For the 49 Goals of the first formulation of the planetary Plan, see the text “TPS – The Distant Goals – compendium 2017” in the 3rd section of the page Documents.
[2] From “Discipleship in the New Age” II, p. 519.
[3] The entry of Saturn in Capricorn (Dec 15th 2017 heliocentrically, and Dec 20th geocentrically), and especially Its conjunction with the Destroyer Pluto (1st R.) at the beginning of 2020, will mark a decisive step for the initiation of the human Group, ‘fixing’ their previous alignment late eighteenth century (which saw both the American War of Independence and the French Revolution: Liberté-Egalité-Fraternité – Liberty, Equality and Fraternity).
[4] The expansion of consciousness, according to esoteric texts, follows the spatial rhythm of Jupiter, or the smaller cycles of 12 terrestrial years, divided into 4 phases or seasons of 3 years each. The Number 12 is that of the Heart, its 12 vibrations or petals, and the Zodiac.
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