Manifestation of the Model

Aphrodite and Hermes. Clay Tablet from Locri, Calabria.

In order to celebrate the today heliocentric alignment between the 4th and 5th Rays embodied by Mercury and Venus the Divine Hermaphrodite, the unity between Love and Thought – in the Sign of Cancer (3rd-7th Rays: the matrix of dark Light or Substance/Matter), here are some illuminating thought-forms about this constructive interval of Third 4/5 – an energy Vortex and relationship which expresses the subtle and fiery worlds into Form, that is Manifestation at our level and the Art of Building through Mind and Thought.

In order to start the Aquarius new Culture we need to learn the “real Art which composes Causes”, or the Art of building by the fiery Thought, who can imagine the Models and translate them into the “beautiful and useful”.

Tracing the features of Future is a hierarchical Art based on creative imagination, which enables intuition of the Models and reflects them, from the Heart’s Eye, in building the new evolutionary forms.

It is time for group consciousness to make the first daring attempts to imagine, namely to build at causal level, the great Thought-form of the new solar Culture and Civilization.

Let these causal energies, potentialities and functions become active powers in the common Heart of Humanity (see here the whole document about the 49 Goals or egoic Functions for the restoration of the Planetary Plan).



The Models, or Causes, have no form. They are real Entities, eternal, shining and infinite. The third Lord creates them and they dwell in the Fiery World. They are the Roots of existing things and of their relationships and the power of the Fourth Ray contemplates them and reflects them within itself. Thus their Images appear, not yet separated…

… the abstract mind can understand that without an Image (still without figure) man could not contemplate and imitate the Model. Images are an intermediate and central state between the Fiery World, which they belong to, and the concrete one that they build. They allow and prepare the production of their forms. The Center, as always, is Truth and Mystery.

The subject is rarefied, but man can understand it if he does not entrust only intellect but listens in himself the mild sound of reality. He can “imagine” even before having a sensory, emotional or mental contact with the form that those images will take; this is the preliminary and indispensable act of all his expressions. … man, when he “imagines” a truth, knows it by direct contact (he gets it through “intuition”); that knowledge then guides him in the more or less happy attempts to manifest it …


Such is the climate of the meeting between Four and Five, which is the prelude to proliferation of appearances. To express a single Idea (or Model), innumerable forms are needed, different from each other yet completely representing the Source.

The Vortex 4.5 is at the same time imitative (4) and constructive (5), and the first activity predominates. The same situation, reversed, appears in the Vortex 5.4, where practical execution predominates.

The Vertex 4.5 is similar to a researcher, or explorer of spaces which are still virgin and untouched, about which he knows nothing but which attract his loving interest. He does not know what to seek, but knows that he must and is able to. This is precisely the figure of the authentic seeker, who does not know the appearance of what he desires. It is thus said that he seeks the Truth and finds it. It is well said, as the Truth has no form and he who has any kind of form for it in mind cannot really find it. Here is the paradox: one must seek without knowing what is sought.


A paradox is useful for expressing the inexpressible, as it fuses the usual logical and separative circuits and makes the mental energy produce sparks: in those flashes one sometimes grasps new and superior knowledge.

In spite of the infinity of Space and what was just written, research which concerns the Group is established in areas bounded by the needs of the times, which demand new forms of social life in the most broad and free sense, yet forms that can be materialized within the period of validity of the Plan, which is not at all utopian precisely because it is governed by deadlines.

Here the crucial operation of the System begins, and on its outcome the degree of success or failure in its conscious building of thought-forms is to be judged.

The tissue of social relationships is today worn out. It must be renewed, though it is certainly not the task of the System to try to mend it. The radical possibility exists of a new and better arrangement, which takes into account past acquisitions yet brings in new energies, whose equations must be known. Here is the true field of service to which the System can and must dedicate itself and which defines the limits of its research.

What are the new and safe characteristics of the relationships between social classes, between the State and citizens, between Nations, between workers and employers, between generations, between races, between man and the planet? Which will be the new, happier order of the family? What is to be taught to the youth, and how? Which new relations are to be supported between science and art, religion, economy, politics, law?

It is a question of intervals, relationships between energies, fields of consciousness. And it is first of all necessary to find the Models, without which chaos is added to disorder.


In the great Vortex 4.5, in which the Images of what could exist present and impress themselves, is one of the greatest poles of activity of the System. The corresponding Vertex 5.4, with the collaboration of all, has the task of managing these energies in the best possible way … What a working heart he will have to educate in himself! Such as to react to the Images without a figure and start them to concretise in everyday life.A weightless job as supported by wings.


The Plan of the System reflects on a small scale the hierarchical one, whose methods and aims it intends to closely follow. Briefly put, it contemplates contribution to construction of new human culture, which is well covered in the energetic synthesis 5.4 of this Vortex. Here the divine virtues are active which carry out that part of the hierarchical Plan which will bestow life, consciousness and form to the civilization of the age of Aquarius.

In its symmetrical opposite, Vortex 4.5, the 5 is in the background, or in a minor key, and the transparent power of the 4 prevails, generator of “images without figure”. Here on the other hand, the 5 has the dominant role, which takes care of the formal execution of those incorporeal structures. Between the two Vortices there is perfect collaboration: the second draws the models for its constructions from the repertoire prepared by the first. The 4.5 “signals”. The 5.4 responds, understands and creates the figures. From this arises a whole current of precipitates that appear in the concrete world and consequently modify it.


Perhaps for the first time, man today is sufficiently mature to participate in an active and far-sighted way in creating his next culture, which will give birth to the next wave of planetary civilization. In this case, the efforts and the approaches of the System, however imperfect, ingenuous and crude, would be praiseworthy and noble. They are, however, among the first of their kind and therefore destined to encounter grave internal and external difficulties. One of the first is difficulty with being convinced that its Work is and must be, in this phase, only mental, and not yet physical.

It is logical that before creating one must think, invent and reflect, yet the consciousness of many people does not recognize this, and due to the anxiety and urgency they feel, they enter into action when their mind is not yet prepared, the concepts are not very clear and the formulas not completely checked. This is perhaps the obstacle which most prevents man from participating consciously in superior projects. It must be eliminated. Today it is possible to do this and the times are propitious. As long as one does not try to operate on the mental level with calmness, rhythm and decisiveness, one cannot acquire the necessary experience.

The new dispensation of the Teaching which is now available in the West points to and prepares for this superior mental activity, which is fascinating and promising. It spells out its rules, requirements and methods. But the new groups dedicated to serving the human race sincerely must trust in the real power of inner construction, which precedes concrete action. Otherwise, or if they continue to follow impulses instead of thoughts, they will obtain temporary and feeble effects on the present situations, but will not affect creation of the irresistible causes of the future.

The great reawakening of Real Art, which determines the causes and which is designated for the dawn of the new Age, will then take place without a human contribution and a fine opportunity will have been lost. In brief, it is a question of learning to build the future, for the future.


The use of mental power “is the most perfect and creative means and is accessible to man. It must be recognized that the recourse to external means (diffusion, propaganda, support requests and alliances, etc.) has limited, local and transient effects and does not affect consciousness: it leaves no trace in the real field of operation.

The System, to be worthy of the Goals which it pursues, will have to measure itself against this obstacle and it has no time to lose. If the Five-pointed Star lives within it, it is time to organize its work. All the members, especially those who have responsibilities in the executive sphere, must be involved in directing and applying the energies of Vortex 5.4.

Nobody can expect perfection from young and inexperienced students, but commitment is indispensable. … Their glory will be in the fact they have dared, silently, to work to the limit of their inner abilities and throwing all their resources of confidence into the enterprise …


So far nothing has been said about the tasks of the Vertex 5.4 (given the complexity of energies involved in the corresponding Vortex, which in synthesis show him as the executive centre of the Plan). Yet the mission to recommend to this Functionary is simple: to prepare, operating from heart to heart, the consciousness of his companions for the basic idea of mental construction. Let him seek therefore first to introduce in himself and in the others the vision of the constructing Angel, who, in deep meditation, without dissipating his energies, communicates with his reflection and directs his work.

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  1. Antonella says:

    Not a special one, they probably refer to the geocentric presence of 3 planets in Virgo (Venus, Mars and Mercury) and some interesting oppositions (Mars opposite Neptune, Jupiter opposite Uranus), but it is not so rare. Anyway, the power of Equinoctial axis bears the paramount energy of Great Bear constellation (each 6 months), so it is always a powerful Date/appointment for the evolution of consciousness.

  2. Rachel Verdon says:

    Merci ! There is suppose to be a very special alignement of planets on the 23 rd of septembre ? Is this true ?

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