Solar Love and Harmony

In order to celebrate the first heliocentric conjunction between Jupiter (2nd Ray of Love and Wisdom) and Mercury (4th Ray of Harmony through Conflict) in the Sign of Scorpio, here are some illuminating thoughts* about Their relationship and combined motion and influence on Earth (3rd ray, the “place for experience”):


The basic Principle of this triangle is Teaching, or Education, issued by Jupiter and transmitted by Mercury. Here Earth has the part of the student, whose duty is to assimilate lessons and apply them imitating the Master.

The rhythmic base of this geometry (…) is 48 [the relations between the periods of revolution of Mercury and Jupiter with respect to the unity of the Earth year are: 12/1: 1/4 = 48], whose harmonic value is 3 [48 = 24x3] ….
… Its value is immense, as it is easy to figure out. This triangle identifies both the type and the guidelines of the Teaching offered to Earth by the solar System and what Earth extracts from it. Jupiter’s position in the Zodiac determines the annual quality of what the solar set sends to Earth along Mercury’s waves. Such a triangle is therefore to be considered as the mentor of the dialogue between Earth and the solar Space, that is, of the invocative-evocative process. It stimulates the progress of any earthly consciousness.

If “the writing hand” is right from the relationship between Earth and Saturn-Venus, “the responding heart” to the Teaching is educated by Jupiter-Mercury – and the rhythms of this process are known and computable …

… When, by inversion of the Vertexes, Mercury transmits the positive energy of Jupiter, while spatial oscillations come from Jupiter, the Triangle of Teaching favors the imitation of the Master or of higher levels. (…) This triangle reconfirms the saying that there is no love without harmony nor harmony without love, which fully illustrates it.”

– The cycle is dominated by the four and the square. Each year there are 4 conjunctions, sometimes all in the same Sign, and 4 oppositions, sometimes all in the same pair of opposite Signs.

– Both these astronomical phenomena happen every three months (Mercury’s cycle or year), separated by the squaring phases.

– Since Jupiter’s revolutionary period is twelve years, after 48 conjunctions with Mercury (4 x 12) and as many oppositions, the cycle begins again from the same Sign of the previous one, except for the spiral-induced displacement.

– This cycle pulsates like the very heart of the Solar System. In fact, Jupiter is the Lord of the Second Ray and travels on the central Orbit [of the 7 sacred Luminaries’ Orbits], undoubtedly connected to the functions of the heart. In Mercury these two elements are overturned, balancing the whole: its Ray (4) is the central and the Orbit has the very nature of Space (2).

– The 48 annual conjunctions [in a Jupiter’s Year] reveal the presence and action of the highest numerical values (1, 2, 3 and 4): 48 = 1 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 3 where the 2 compares at its fourth power.

– It turns out that the Jupiter-Mercury cycle is, in the System, the organ sensitive to Infinity, proportions, harmony and co-measurement. It draws from Space the yearly zodiacal quality and enters it into the life and work of the solar set, thus conditioning them powerfully …. The hearts of all creatures are nourished with spatial zodiacal energy through the joint operations of Jupiter-Mercury relationship, which reveals as a cosmic heart interval …

– The great petals of the Ajna center, according to the Teaching, are two, each consisting of 48 petals. For resonance reasons there must therefore be a real link between the Jupiter-Mercury cycle, dominated by the same number, and the third eye, the magical organ of vision and creative direction. The way of the eye and the way of the heart are one. “

Extracts from E. Savoini, “The Solar System in Space”, 1993, unpublished text.
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