Scorpio Full Moon: the seed of Victory

Seeds for a New Culture

Scorpio Full Moon: the seed of Victory

That man is called hero who acts selflessly, but this definition is not complete. He is a hero who acts self-sacrificingly, unwaveringly, consciously, and who, acting in the name of the Common Good, thus brings nearer the current of cosmic evolution.

Heroes may be encountered in present-day life. One should not consider this concept inapplicable. If we fear to introduce such a concept, we ourselves break away from the path leading into the region of truth. One should recognize heroism in life; one should fearlessly recognize the presence of the enemies; one should remember that the sword is the staff of the hero. Knowing how to turn sword into staff must find a place in the day’s work.

How all magical formulas droop before the irrepressible leap over the abyss to the life-giving Sun! Only those who cognize reality can speak about the Sun without superficial tearfulness.

We wish to see you steadfastly conquering. Each victory teaches prudence, but this restraint palpitates with flights. Be not afraid of big definitions, but, setting forth for an achievement, see that you have food prepared for the morrow. He who moves toward achievement must proceed as if summoned by a work bell. For the striving one the thinnest surface is sufficient. Aspire!

New Era Community, §147, Agni Yoga Collection

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