Alcyone (Pleiades): the cosmic Origin


On November 22nd of each year, right on the line of passage between the Signs of Scorpio and Sagittarius, a fundamental direction between solar and cosmic Centers is turned on: this Day is that Degree of the orbital revolution that sees our Earth aligned between the central volcano/Vulcan of the Sun and the other “Central Sun” Alcyone of the Pleiades.

According to the esoteric Tradition, Alcyone is the Origin and central pivot of the Seven solar systems (the cosmic Septenary) of which ours is part.

Our Earth, seen from the Sun, therefore flies in the heavenly field qualified by the stars of the Bull, of which the open cluster of the Pleiades is ‘part’ (formally, in content and essence).[1]

The Stars of the “onward rushing” Animal are referred to as the cosmic Sources of Lightthe rhythmic impulse of Fire.

The Bull is Horus, the fruit of the relationship between Isis and Osiris, the unceasingly desired Son ‘faced’ by the Hunter Orion, the heavenly Osiris, together with His divine Spouse Sirius/Isis, the Sun of Suns.

This is the most beautiful and radiant part of Heaven, home of many primary Stars:

triangolo-invernaleIn particular, the bright Pleiades Chariot, led by the central Alcyone, hurtles through the cosmic flashes of the Bull and the ‘initiatory’ ones of the celestial Ram, another sacred and impetuous Animal/constellation which still gives the name to the First sector or Sign of the celestial cycle and coordinates: the Ram/Aries is the Beginning, despite the fact that Its stars no longer stand (for the phenomenon of the precession of equinoxes) behind the apparent Sun on the “first day of spring”, now lined up between the stars of the Fishes and those of the Bringer of Water (the coming “New Age”).

Similarly, the Tradition identifies the Seven Sisters as the Spring Stars (from the Latin Vergiliae), as They were ruling (with Aldebaran, the Eye of the Bull) the Equinox at the Beginning of a major Cycle (the Kali Yuga of 432,000 years.

Vernal Equinox 3,102 BC

Thus the precession cycle of around 25,000 years was called “the Great Year of the Pleiades” – see also this article).

This primary forge of stars is indicated in the theosophical texts as the central group of the sidereal astronomy system, referring to a rotation of Seven solar Systems including ours (the “local universe”) around the star Alcyone, defined as “the central point around which our Universe of fixed stars revolves, the focus from which, and into which the divine breath, MOTION, works incessantly during the Manvantara [cycle of Manifestation].”[2].

“The Sun (that is, the solar system) has Alcyone, in the Pleiades, as the center of its orbit.” (EA, 669)

This rotation of 250,000 years is a cycle not known by ordinary astronomy and is significantly resonating both with the Sun revolution around the galactic center (around 250 million of years) and the precessional cycle of about 25,000 years of our Earth, originally called as mentioned ‘the great year of the Pleiades’. 25 is a Number qualitatively associated to 1/4, the fourth part of the One (100/4=25), that is the Quaternary and “squaring of the Circle”: Ideas’ manifestation through Form.

It is said in Esoteric Astrology that the Pleiades are the vehicle of manifestation of the “Third Aspect” (Substance-Appearance) of a Great Cosmic Being which, with the Great Bear (First Aspect: Spirit-Life) and the Little Bear (Second Aspect: Soul-Quality) through the “local” regency of Sirius (reflection of the Second Aspect), gave Origin to the Seven solar Systems of which ours is part. The Bears and the Pleiades, with Sirius as an intermediate point of focus, constitute the spiritual Triad which governs the spiral cyclic activity of our solar system:

“The Pleiades are to the solar system, the source of electrical energy, and just as our sun is the embodiment of the heart, or love aspect, of the Logos (Who is Himself the heart of ONE ABOUT WHOM NAUGHT MAY BE SAID) so the Pleiades are the feminine opposite of Brahma [the vehicle of the Third Aspect, the Creator].”[3]

They are mothers of the seven aspects of formal life and wives of the Seven Sages of the Great Bear. “They are related to the Mother aspect that feeds the Christ-child [the solar system].”

“… the Pleiades—though they are regarded as embodying the matter aspect in manifestation—are in reality and literally the expression of that Principle of Life which we call vitality, prana in its various stages or degrees, ether or substance.”[4]

The energies of the Pleiades, which animate the whole matter of our ‘local’ universe, are therefore in relation to the active Intelligence of our Solar Lord or Logos, and especially the Alcyone star is Its origin, the central magnet of the solar Substance, the cosmic creative “throat center”.

Thus Alcione is called by the Teaching “the Star of the Individual” or “Star of Intelligence”, and is connected to humanity not only through Taurus, but also Aquarius, the rising Sign of universal Service.

“The seven stars of the Pleiades are the goal for the seven types [of the liberated humanity], and this is hinted at in the Book of Job, in the words, “Canst thou bind the sweet influence of the Pleiades?” In the mystery of this influence, and in the secret of the sun Sirius, are hidden the facts of our cosmic evolution, and incidentally, therefore, of our solar system.”[5]

The Pleiades are to Sirius as Earth is to Venus, as the Person is to the Soul:

“…in a peculiar and esoteric sense the sun Sirius and the Pleiades hold a close relation to each other. It is a relation analogous to that which lower mind holds to higher mind. The lower is receptive to, or negatively polarised to the higher. Sirius is the seat of higher mind and mahat (as it is called, or universal mind) sweeps into manifestation in our solar system through the channel of the Pleiades. It is almost as if a great triangle of mahatic energy was thus formed. Sirius transmits energy to our solar system via that

“…sevenfold brooding Mother, the silver constellation, whose voice is as a tinkling bell, and whose feet pass lightly o’er the radiant path between our worlds and hers.

Within the solar system there is an interesting correspondence to this cosmic interplay in the relation between the Venus scheme, our Earth scheme and the Venus chain in our scheme.

Curiously enough it will be through a comprehension of the human antahkarana, or the path which links higher and lower mind and which is constructed by the Thinker during the process of evolution, that light on this abstruse matter will come.”[6]

Finally, it seems significant to recall the names with which Alcyone was previously known: among the Arabs is Al Wasat, the Central (the heavenly Hen with its chicks), the Babylonians called it Temennu, the first Stone (the cornerstone of their temples), for the Chaldeans It was Kimah, the Immortal Seal, the Pivot, and among the Hindus is Amba, the Mother; the first ‘nakshatra’ of Indian astrology is centered on the star Alcyone and Pleiades bearing the name of Krittika (the “Knives” in Sanskrit), “the stars of fire” mothers of Kartikeia, [7] the Indian God of War, the General of the Celestial Armies (identical to Michael, the ‘Chief of the Celestial Legions’ and Mars as the carrier of Sun/Vulcan’s Will), symbolized by a flame and governed by Agni, the god of sacred fire.


Alcyone/Pleiades is therefore the cosmic source of Light, of creative Intelligence of spatial Substance, and Earth, 3rd Ray, and Humanity, the 3rd planetary Throat Centre, are two of Its direct precipitation and distribution centers.

On the day of Sun-Earth-Alcyone alignment on the Ecliptic, the presence of such focal centers on the same Plan of Love and Light entails the vital impulse for orienting to the heavenly Will and fulfilling the evolutionary and unitary Purpose.

Today, the human planetary Order which the synthesis of human spirits essentially is, oriented to the crucial date of 2025, receives and transmits the 3rd cosmic Ray of Creative Intelligence. This cosmic Rays impulsion is impressed and sown, on the Ecliptic Plane of Love and Light and in all human hearts, by the 3rd Department of this inner Order of Spirits or prototype of a hierarchical Humanity and through seven relevant Intentions, Directions or Formulas, for the benefit of our beloved Blue Planet.

As it has been sown for the 1st Ray on Sun-Earth-Merak alignment, the 2nd Ray on Sun-Earth-Sirius alignment, the 4th-6th on Aldebaran-Sun-Earth-Antares alignment, the 5th Ray on Regulus-Earth-Sun alignment and the 7th Ray on Sun-Earth-Fomalhaut alignment, the human Hierarchy impresses on Earth Third Ray thought-form made of  seven living centers:

3.1 I initialize egoic contacts

3.2 I trace the initiatory way


3.4 I lead the regular advancement of the [human] group

3.5 I plan the rhythms and cycles of advancement

3.6 I feed the sacred Fire

3.7 I research the dialogue with the Infinite

1  “The entire secret of divine purpose and planning is hidden in this sign, owing fundamentally to the relation of the Pleiades to the constellation, the Great Bear, and to our solar system. This constitutes one of the most important triangles in our entire cosmic series of relationships and this importance is also enhanced by the fact that the “eye of the Bull” is the eye of revelation. The underlying goal of the evolutionary process—”the onward rush of the Bull of God,” as it is esoterically called—reveals steadily and without cessation the stupendous and sublime plan of Deity. This is the subject which light reveals.
There is at this time, owing to the influx of the Shamballa force, the establishing of a peculiar relation or alignment between the constellation, Taurus (with its own specific alignment with the Pleiades and Great Bear) the planet, Pluto, and our Earth. This produces much of the present world difficulty and one which the modern astrologer would do well to consider. It constitutes a major cosmic triangle at this time, conditioning much that is now happening.
This Shamballa force is that which “fans or intensifies the light by the removal of obstructions and proceeds from far distant places, pouring through the eye of illumination into those spheres of influence upon the sorrowful planet, the Earth, impelling the Bull upon its onward rush.” So speaks the Old Commentary. The import of this is that the energy of will—newly released by Sanat Kumara upon our planet—emanates, via the head centre of the planetary Logos, from the Great Bear; it is stepped down in vibration via one of the Pleiades (hence its influence upon matter and hence also its pronounced Taurian effects upon humanity) and so enters into the solar system. It is there absorbed by that major centre of our planetary life to which we give the name, Shamballa.” (extracts from: A. A. Bailey, Esoteric Astrology, Lucis Collection, p. 376).
2 H. P. Blavatsky, Anthropogenesis, SD II, p. 551. See also in From linear to cyclical time.
3 A. A. Bailey, Treatise on Cosmic Fire, Lucis Collection, p. 156.
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7 Kartikeya (Sk), or Kartika. The Indian God of War, son of Siva, born of his seed fallen into the Ganges. He is also the personification of the power of the Logos. The planet Mars. Kartika is a very occult personage, a nursling of the Pleiades, and a Kumâra.” (H. P. Blavatsky, Theosophical Glossary).
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