The Hidden History of Humanity

Here is a beautiful video (conceived by P. Lindsay) that presents the Hidden History of Humanity based on the esoteric Teaching brought to the West by M. Blavatsky at the end of the nineteenth century:

The world is very ancient and human origins are mysterious and obscure. We try to decipher our past based upon the multiple layers of civilisations – whose ruins lay strewn across the planet like pieces of an archaic jigsaw puzzle.

Some of these old civilisations are still buried beneath the deserts, mountains and oceans, awaiting a time when they will yield their secrets – through human discovery or natural cataclysms that will strip away and reveal their hidden locations.
In the unique perspective on history that will be explored in this series, the case for a vaster chronological perspective of history will be investigated, based upon ancient sources, hitherto unrecognized by the majority.

With limited tools at the disposal of modern sciences, history has been abbreviated into a narrow band that does not sufficiently explain the vast time-periods needed to evolve the human formand, human consciousness.

Deep in our racial memory or collective consciousness, lurk the legends and myths of lands and continents that once existed, such as Lemuria and Atlantis. Fabulous stories abound of advanced cultures with their arts and technologies, that have risen to great heights and then fallen back into the dust of history once again.

Understanding these rhythms and cycles of time help us to understand that our modern civilisations are not the first to have emerged, nor are they necessarily more advanced than previous ones that have come and gone.

This new approach to history challenges the way we think about the past, based upon our cultural, religious and educational conditioning. These structures have helped humanity thus far understand the world, but which, in today’s rapid acceleration of planetary consciousness, are very limited – and starting to break down; they are overdue for transformation into a broader more inclusive vision.

The possibility of discovering and understanding the origin of the human soul and its divine pedigree, is imminent in our time; we stand before a doorway leading to planetary illumination upon the greatest mysteries of life – the hidden history of humanity.

Part of the intention of The Hidden History of Humanity series is to present a chronological sequence of history that demonstrates the evolution of consciousness by Humanity; the mystery of when the human soul came into existence and its purpose.

This first video will establish a broad structure of understanding for the future series that will elaborate further.

Evolution will be traced from before the human race appeared, through the stages of the Lemurian, Atlantean and Current Rootraces. It will finish with contemporary Humanity, that is now transitioning into the Sixth Rootrace; it will discuss the evolution that will unfold in the future – always in the context of what has transpired. It has been said, that unless we understand our history, then we are condemned to repeat the mistakes of the past. 

On the scientific side, several key areas will be explored in this history of the rootraces, such as geology, geography, astronomy, archeology and anthropology.

From the religious angle, some of the most ancient works will be referenced – the Hindu, Jewish, Persian, Islamic, Buddhist, Gnostic, Celtic and Christian traditions.

Investigating the hidden history of the world means that we must return to discover the birth of the solar system – of which our Earth is but one participant …”

This article is published in resonance with the heliocentric alignment between Mercury (4th Ray: Harmony through conflictand Uranus (7th Ray: Magic and Order): Their spatial relationship reveals the magic harmony and order of the evolutionary Cycles towards Unity.
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