Signs of the Heavens 2018 – 1st quarter of cycle

At the initial and initiatory cornerstone of the December Solstice — the impulse that gives life, quality and appearance to the entire development of the annual cycle –, the Earth is at the point of its orbit where the plane containing its polar axis and perpendicular to the solar plane of the Ecliptic, aligns itself with the Sun: analogously, for Astrosophy (Esoteric Astrology and Astronomy) this is the day when the Will of our planetary Logos is focused and concentrated. Its spine/polar axis is orientated to the Pole Star, the present pivot and cosmic fire which directs the earthly ‘point of view’, the whole apparent celestial Vault according to the ‘equatorial coordinates’ (see video).

In this driving beginning, we have for the solstice of December 21, 2017 an outstanding alignment in Heaven: the direction Earth-Sun/Vulcan-Saturn

This solar direction points to the galactic Center on the one hand

and the Two Origins Sirius and Orion on the other, the celestial Isis and Osiris.

Interpreting this cosmic, solar and planetary convergence according to the indications provided by Esoteric Astrology, we can infer that this celestial lightning illuminates and qualifies not only the year to come, but the next year/cycle of Saturn (3rd R.) of 30 years, and far beyond considering the rarity of entry into His Sign Capricorn (heliocentrically December 15, geocentrically 20) coinciding with our Capricorn Solstice or the Gate of the Gods:

the supernal Light calls humanity to the cosmic creative power

This is via the dominant 3rd Ray at different levels:

  • the 3rd Ray of creative Intelligence (Soul Ray of Saturn, the Master of Thought for our Earth, Whose Personality is 3rd R too, “the place of Experience”),
  • as the Vector of the supernal Light (Capricorn, which transmits the 1st-3rd-7th R., the Sign of human Initiation, the cosmic Abode or higher correspondence of Saturn with regard to our current Evolution),
  • will guide the entry of Humanity (the planetary 3rd creative Throat Center), in a more defined and conscious way, into a new initiatory Hall [1] (the subjective Nation or Spirit of Italy, in particular, is indicated as the cradle for the seed of the 3rd Ray esoteric advanced School and of the relative Mysteries).[2]

Specifically, in 2018 Saturn transits heliocentrically from 0 to 11 degrees of the Sign of Capricorn, to “crystallize” Light into initiatory plans and projects, in order to replace those which are outdated and unsuitable for evolution. One with the supernal Light of Capricornus, Saturn initiates Humanity into the creative power of the hierarchical Plan.[3]

He will meet the evolutionary Destroyer Pluto (1st R.) only in January 2020, alignment very ‘resolved’ and propulsive,[4]  which ‘will clear the field’ for the long-awaited conjunction Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius (5th R.) in November 2020 (the first since 1404!) which will be a decisive step for the entry of human Consciousness into the new Era.

Here is the Chart of the year 2018 (encompassing its two successive December solstices), followed by the signs of Heaven (heliocentric or causal[5]), referred to the Goal of the Plan 5.4 (New bases of Culture. Art. World of images), the fiery vortex that in essence will lead the annual sowing of TPS:[6]

Heliocentric tropical Chart

Inner Wheel: 21 December 2017 h. 16.28 UHT Outer Wheel: 21 December 2018 h. 22.23


While the solar Architect Saturn stands out in Capricorn, the Master Builder Jupiter (2nd R.) transmits the intense energies of Scorpio (4th R.), then passing into Sagittarius (4th-5th-6th R.) on October 7, 2018 (geocentrically November 8th): the deep indigo note of Scorpio’s annual Lesson, on how to transform by Love the conflicting struggle in the victory of Harmony, is added to the constructive dynamic fire of the 5th R. and the synthetic direction of the 6th. In Scorpio, the solar Guide teaches the Arts of unconditional Love and of harmonic construction, while in Sagittarius the solar Master attracts toward heavenly Synthesis and Truth, to adhere through fiery Thought to the Far Worlds.

The deepest waters of Scorpio lead to the roots of true Art (root AR = Light, motion to unite, to reach the Breath of the vital Waters of Space), those archetypes of the World of Ideas causing every event and form.

“Fighting is like building” could be the motto of this year: Art is the fiery core of the new human Culture and Civilization, as it builds, on a causal level, the future Goals (see comment to Goal 5.4 – note 4).

As a coworker of the Cosmos, Humanity can and one day will have to magnetically dominate the planetary Future, by precipitating the Ideas and Models necessary for Evolution: Their Formulas and archetypes can be intuited in the Fiery World (higher mental), and covered with Love and Light through creative imagination (purified Kamâ-manas), in order to vitalize the Forms of the new Culture and Civilization on the etheric plane.

In March, Jupiter in Scorpio is in perfect trine to Neptune (6th R.) in Pisces (2nd-6th R.): the waters of Space are distributed in full hands by these two Lords of Space/Solar Mothers. In 2018 the God of the Waters passes (exactly on August 26) the center of His Sign, releasing pure saving force: the ‘ascending’ direction of energy is reversed and the call back to Father’s House translates into the liberation of the “prisoners of the planet”, step by step.

Uranus (7th R.) from the final 7th sector of Aries (1st-7th R.), where He radiates fire of resurrection, enters Taurus (4th R.) on September 3 (geocentrically on May 15th), starting to turn the electric impulse of the Beginning (Aries – Life) into the rhythmic motion of Fire (Taurus – Light), the Divine Incentive or “First Cause” of everything and of any work.

In the solstice chart, the winged god Mercury (4th R.) is at the center of Leo (1st-5th R.): for the whole year He brings consciousness back to the centrality of the Heart, reflecting the Model of the Sun at the center as King and benefactor of His kingdom or field of service. Venus (5th R.) in Sagittarius (4th-5th-6th R.) generates the dynamic fire to realize the Goal: in the field of Goal 5.4 ‘She’ sets the images of the new Culture.


The new foundations of Culture, the “Cult of Light”, are based on the Art of building with fiery Thought. Man is called to the Beauty of Being, to express the Art of living:

“The understanding of Beauty will save the world.” 


In order to follow the heavenly Plan artfully, here is the possible synthetic formulation of the “signs of the Heavens” of the first impulse and season of the cycle 2018.

Heliocentric Heaven – 1st Quarter 2018
Inner Wheel: 21 December 2017 h. 16.28 UHT Outer Wheel: 20 March 2018 h. 16.16


These Seven active Formulas[7] tend to fix, from the causal plane (higher mind/manas) the Directions impressed by the Building Rays of the solar Plan, those Sounds and Lights that rule the solar evolution of the Planet and Humanity:

1) Sun/Vulcan in Capricorn – Earth in Cancer:

The central Sun draws all toward the creative power of Cosmos

2) Jupiter in Scorpio:

The Solar Guide teaches the Art of harmonic construction

3) Saturn in Capricornus:

The supernal Light initiates into the hierarchical Plan

4) Mercury in Leo:

The solar Model is the centrality of the Heart

5) Venus in Sagittarius:

The solar Mind fixes the images of the new Culture

6) Neptune in Pisces:

The solar Christ infuses saving force into the human hierarchy

7) Uranus in Aries:

The solar Initiator irradiates fire of Resurrection


At the reciprocal geocentric level, concerning precipitation of the energies on the Planet down to the individual level,

Geocentric Heaven – 1st Quarter 2018
Inner Wheel: 21 December 2017 h. 16.28 UHT Outer Wheel: 20 March 2018 h. 16.16


the Sun at the Summit of this celestial Golgotha is flanked by Saturn and Venus, the compass and square of the solar Construction, and at a greater angle also by Pluto and Mercury, the two heavenly Transformers and Thaumaturges: the symbol and image of an initiation ceremony are even better figured in this geocentric Heaven.

The Sun (analogically the integrated Personality of Humanity) crosses the threshold of the Gods (Capricorn) supported by Neptune (aspect of quintile 72°), and above all by the propulsive Fire of Uranus (trine 120°).

“There are hard times ahead”, is heard at the bottom; “It is the great time of beginning”, it echoes above.

At the center, humanity is about to face its Dweller on the Threshold nourished by the Past in order to evoke the Angel of Presence, the radiant Sun of the eternal Present which alone can build the Future (Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio and then Sagittarius).

The Moon[8] in Aquarius at the solstice beginning (5th R. of Concrete Science and Golden Construction) points to the substance of the coming Age with which to form the image of the new Humanity and Culture: free and boundless like air; oriented towards the water of life of the universal Ideas of the Far Worlds; organized according to the Science of right relationships.


Let us express the Heavenly art of living

to build the new foundations of Culture.

[1] “The word Initiation comes from two Latin words, in, into; and ire, to go; therefore, the making of a beginning, or the entrance into something. It posits, in its widest sense, in the case we are studying, an entrance into the spiritual life, or into a fresh stage in that life. It is the first step, and the succeeding steps, upon the Path of Holiness. Literally, therefore, a man who has taken the first initiation is one who has taken the first step into the spiritual kingdom, having passed out of the definitely human kingdom into the superhuman. Just as he passed out of the animal kingdom into the human at individualisation, so he has entered upon the life of the spirit, and for the first time has the right to be called a “spiritual man” in the technical significance of the word. He is entering upon the fifth or final stage in our present fivefold evolution. Having groped his way through the Hall of Ignorance during many ages, and having gone to school in the Hall of Learning, he is now entering into the university, or the Hall of Wisdom. When he has passed through that school he will graduate with his degree as a Master of Compassion.” (A. A. Bailey, Initiation Human and Solar, Lucis Collection, p. 10).
[2] A. A. Bailey, Letters on Occult Meditation, Lucis Collection, p. 307-8.
[3] A first formulation of this evolutionary Plan in 49 Goals is in the text “TPS – The Distant Goals –compendium 2017” by Enzio Savoini in the 3rd section of the page Documents. For further information please contact TPS.
[4] This conjunction between Saturn (3rd R) and Pluto (1st R.) will give a powerful acceleration to the process of initiation of the human Group, ‘fixing’ (Eath Sign) their previous alignment in Aquarius in late eighteenth century (which saw both the American War of Independence and the French Revolution: Liberté-Egalité-Fraternité – Liberty, Equality and Fraternity).
[5] By causal level the esoteric tradition indicates the abstract mental plane (higher manas), that extremely ‘subtle’ vibration or energy/substance of which the human Soul or egoic body and lotus are constituted, that group consciousness able to recognize through Wisdom the common Good.
The heliocentric perspective, as if the Heart of Humanity was already at the Center, that is in the Sun/Soul leading the Planet, is therefore associated with this plane of Causes.
[6] See annual documents on the “Solar Rituality” in the 7° section “Order” of the Italian blog page Documenti of TPS.
[7] The perspective of these readings of the Heavens here is both heliocentric, recognized as the Heaven of general Causes and Effects, and geocentric, the Heaven of detailed causes and effects.
Being both tropical perspectives, they concern the celestial energies in relation to the Planet and Humanity. These causal energies are transmitted by the zodiacal Wheel of the 12 Signs, the 12 Archetypes of the evolution of Consciousness, corresponding yet not coincident, at the phenomenal level, with their relative astronomical or sidereal Constellations.
[8] The Mother of Form, receptive and generative, which together with the Sun actually veils another Planet for Esoteric Astrology.
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