Solar Rituality and Ephemerides 2018

A rhythmic and ritual coordination for a planetary Order

As anticipated in the last solstice webinar,

here are gathered some indications in order to harmonically coordinate the common Work for a planetary Order,[1] “with united breath and unified rhythm” both among ourselves and with respect to the signs of the Heavens. The functionaries of this planetary Order prototype, according to what will seem “beautiful and useful” to everyone, might consider and follow them in their meditation or inner action.

In this way, we can be subjectively facilitated to ‘keep up the pace’ and maintain the point of tension as representatives, at our level of consciousness of “group of world servers”, of the seven hierarchical Ashrams, that is, of the higher Septenaries or systemic relationships: as vertices of the 7+42 Vortices of the Plan – in the here&now, during each day and throughout the year (the two planetary Breaths).

Here are the essential points identified for the rhythmic and ritual coordination for a planetary Order:

  • We are told that the Purpose “cannot be understood until the Plan is followed” (DNE II, 519), that “Purpose which the Masters know and serve”, which can only be asserted in that unitary ‘point of tension’ which can be named “a central human Presence”. At our level of “group of world servers”, we can progressively ‘understand’ the Purpose by following the hierarchical Plan; one of the most direct and powerful ways to do it is by progressive identification (according to the rule “as if”) with its 49 Fires, Vortices or Goals.

In this respect, a first systemic formulation of the 49 Plan Goals has emerged ‘at the right time’ in the last quarter of the twentieth century, which imitates the hierarchical Model and sows the prototype of the future sevenfold Order of the human Center, as well as the foundations of the new world Culture (see note 1).

  • The more immediate task envisaged for the prototype of a planetary human Order, in order to support the evolutionary Purpose and Plan in view of the crucial Date of 2025,[2] is

To assert the Plan of Love and Light

The will-to-good (to assert) directed to re-establish the Plan of Love and Light on Earth is the energy of this primary Formula.

The plan of attestation is the “place of Fire” (causal/egoic plane or higher mental), the “summit of the pyramid”, the solar plane of the Ecliptic.

(For the rest of the document see 2018 Solar Rituality and Ephemerides)

Anyone wishing to actively participate in this systemic causal prototype can contact the editorial staff.

[1] For the reference text see: The Distant Goals; to pursue further its relationship with the Teaching by the Tibetan Master and the orientation to 2025, see the text Asserting the Planetary Plan in the Documents page of TPS.
[2] 2025 is the central year (4.4: 4th year of the 4th septennium) of the current 49-year cycle of the 6th Initiation Masters (2001-2050). The ’emergence’ of the Fourth Ray, as well as Their Decision about the Externalization of Hierarchy and next destiny of humanity are indicated for that time.
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