The Sacred Beauty of Numbers

Today the Luminaries and Principles of Harmony and creative Intelligence, Mercury (4th ray) and Saturn (3rd Ray), are heliocentrically/causally conjunct in Capricorn (1st-3rd-7th Rays), the Sign of the Light supernal which draws consciousness towards liberation through initiation. In occult maths:


Saturn (3) and Venus (5) are the two ‘agents’ of Capricorn (1-3-7) energies for the evolution of consciousness, with Venus (5th R) being Its highest ruler or supplier. In terms of our Planet, we can infer that this conjunction of Saturn-Mercury (3+4) in Capricorn, where the Destroyer Pluto (1st Ray) is situated since 2008, is intensely activating the Divine Hermaphrodite of Earth-Humanity (Mercury-Hermes-Beauty-Buddhi united to Venus-Aphrodite-Understanding-Manas4+5=9, the number of initiation). In other words, “the understanding of beauty will save the world” (Agni Yoga):

The transfiguration of humanity will be operated through the understanding of Beauty, the Christic Principle.

Aphrodite and Hermes. Clay Tablet from Locri, Calabria.

Combining various keys of interpretation, Mercury, the Messenger of Gods, builds the bridge (antahkarana) between the desire-mind (kamâ-manas: Mars-Venus passionate liaison via the plexus-sacral centers) and the higher Mind, where the human soul or causal body is (Mercury-Venus: Mercury, the Buddhi-Spiritual Soul, expressed through Venus, the Manas-Human Soul. These are the two hemispheres of the head, Love and Light, Heart and Throat centers working in harmony through the two petals of the Ajna centre).

Thus Venus/Manas can return ‘back’ to Whom is “veiled” by Mercury, Her Consort Sun/Vulcan (1st R), the Will of the Heart of the Sun (the Heart in the Head, Buddhi as vehicle of Atmâ).

Venus, now very powerful in the electric Sign of Aquarius (5th R), is the Manasic 5th Principle which brings Earth back to the Sun; She is our Solar Angel which, on the causal mental plane, “ank-ors” Personality upon the way back to the One-Monad, upwards through the 4th buddhic plane (Mercury) and the 3rd atmic plane (Saturn), towards the realization of the perfect Ten – the Seven (Three+Four) expressing the higher Three.

Risultati immagini per golden triangle Pythagoras 3 4 5

The sacred triangle (5-4-3) of the One’s Creation is realized.

“Numbers 3 and 4 are respectively male and female, Spirit and Matter, and their union is the emblem of life eternal in spirit on its ascending arc, and in matter as the ever resurrecting element — by procreation and reproduction. The spiritual male line is vertical [|]; the differentiated matter-line is horizontal; the two forming the cross or [+]. The former (the 3), is invisible; the latter (the 4), is on the plane of objective perception …

… Esoteric philosophy explains that four is the symbol of the Universe in its potential state, or chaotic matter, and that it requires Spirit to permeate it actively, i.e., the primordial abstract triangle has to quit its one dimensional quality and spread across that matter, thus forming a manifested basis on the three dimensional space, in order that the Universe should manifest intelligibly. This is achieved by the cube unfolded. Hence the ansated cross as the symbol of man, generation and life.

In Egypt ank signified soul, life and blood. It is the ensouled, living man, the Septenary … The 4 was called by the Pythagoreans the Key-Keeper of Nature; but in union with the 3, which made it seven, it became the most perfect and harmonious number — nature herself …

… number seven, or the heptagon, the Pythagoreans considered to be a religious and perfect number. It was called “Telesphoros,” because by it all in the Universe and mankind is led to its end, i.e., its culmination … Being under the rule of seven sacred planets, the doctrine of the Spheres shows, from Lemuria to Pythagoras, the seven powers of terrestrial and sublunary nature, as well as the seven great Forces of the Universe, proceeding and evolving in seven tones, which are the seven notes of the musical scale. The heptad (our Septenary) was regarded “as the number of a virgin, because it is unborn” (like the Logos or the “Aja” of the Vedantins); “without a father or a mother, but proceeding directly from the Monad, which is the origin and crown of all things.” … And if the heptad is made to proceed from the Monad directly, then it is, as taught in the Secret Doctrine of the oldest schools, the perfect and sacred number of this Maha-Manvantara of ours

… the oldest Cosmographies of the two most ancient people of the Fifth Root Race, the Hindu Aryans and the Egyptians, adding to them the early Chinese races (the remnants of the Fourth or Atlantean Race) — based the whole of their mysteries on number 10: the higher triangle standing for the invisible and metaphysical world, the lower three and four, or the Septenate, for the physical realm.” (H. P. Blavatsky, Anthropogenesis, p 592, 600-603).

And again: 3+4+5=12, the Number of Space, Heart, Cyclic manifestation.

Jupiter (2nd R), connected to the 2nd monadic plane (where prototypes of human monads are attested), takes 12 terrestrial years to turn around Sun/Vulcan (1st R), and mythic Venus was born from the head of Jupiter. Jupiter is the highest supplier of cosmic “Mother” and Love (the Sign of Virgo) and Venus (Capricorn) is the “Mother of Form”, the building Mind by which Love realizes Beauty in Form.

The composed cycles of Mercury-Venus, Jupiter-Saturn and Uranus (7th R)-Neptune (6th R) all draw a Six-pointed Star in the heaven and in consciousness (watch video), fixing a living and building pattern into Form, containing all these sacred Numbers, Powers and Principles (see the document From linear to cyclical time).

Humanity has to understand the Beauty of divine Numbers in action, expressed at all levels, both in celestial and terrestrial Nature. We have to learn how to liberate ourselves and the other lower kingdoms through Their supernal dance of power, love and light (1-2-3).

In this respect, some hearts/minds have been consciously working, “as if” living Numbers in action, in order to fix (5) the prototype (4) of the Sacred Heptad into Form (see video The Star Groups and the Laws of Sound), in group soular consciousness and from the causal mental level into the 3 worlds of manifestation, following the Music of the Spheres, the rhythms of the Heptad of the Solar Plan. (See documents Asserting the Planetary Plan and 2018 Solar Rituality and Ephemerides). 

The Solar Plan of Evolution, for the coming Age of Aquarius yet here&now on causal levels, envisages the Human Group Initiation: the intelligent (3), scientific (5) and integrated (7) realization of higher Will (1) through Love (2), which is the Beauty (4) of uni-versal Brotherhood (6), of Being (1).

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