Ideal Construction and Action

In order to celebrate the today heliocentric/causal alignment between the Principles/Luminaries of Venus 5th Ray (the solar Mind building Form by Love) and Neptune 6th Ray (the Lord of solar Waters and Communion), here is its ‘reflection’ in terms of evolutionary energies and systemic group impression oriented toward 2025 (see here the whole documents Asserting the Planetary Plan and The Seeds according to the Goals).

POLARITY 5.6 – 6.5

The Builder of Ideals and the Interpreter of Symbols

New Culture and Civilization and New World Religion are the central Goals guarded by Vortex 5.6 – Construction of Ideals and its symmetrical 6.5 – Communion of Work. The Book of the System.

The new Culture holds in itself those ideals or essential values that constitute the vital and inner core of the future Civilizations. These archetypes are contemplated in the eternal Symbols of Space but must be presented through new visions and formulas assimilable by the general human mentality.

These new flags have the spiritual power to unite hearts in order to write the pages of the Great Book of Future, that of planetary Communion and universal Brotherhood.


“Where energies of the Fifth Ray meet those of the Sixth, a Vortex of great creative power is formed. As far as the human race is concerned, this fusion promotes appearance of forms of civilization, at the basis of which it is not difficult to identify the ideals, more or less clear, that unmistakably qualify them.

The activity of this interval is indispensable for the start and success of any movement of thought: it provides the necessary dualism, given generously by the 5, and archetypal interior nucleus injected by the 6. A series of incorporeal Ideas then come into appearance, slender but already perceptible by those thinkers and intellectuals who pick them up and include them in the common cultural heritage in every age.

Today, in these times characterized by the sunset and disappearance of the Sixth Ray, any recourse to an ideal is contested and rejected, just as crude ideologies are being cultivated, which are just the rough and impure part of ideals. Due to such a critical and hostile attitude, this age is not producing any current of true and new thought … In such situation, it is time to resume the interrupted discourse between man and his destiny, seriously dedicating ourselves to the capture of those new ideal and immortal structures that can now be understood, loved and assimilated by the general human psyche. Thus researches and discoveries are


It was said, long ago, that “without vision the people perish”, and truly today many peoples are dying out because they are no longer guided nor supported by the light and the force of an ideal. …

In times of great crisis this task, as delicate as decisive, has so far been carried out by superhuman intelligences, when it was necessary and welcome to inaugurate civilizations according to higher visions. Those Guides, of great wisdom, presented other lights, attractive to the point of dragging the most sensitive and pure human minds and hearts. In fact, at the beginning of any process, there is never a man or a group of men, so that we can not name the true author of those renovations …

Man, who has so far never risen to a global vision of the planet and is unaware of the solar laws and rhythms, was not able to manage his own destiny autonomously. It is so with children, and it is simply a sign of lack of preparation, not impotence. Now, perhaps for the first time, human groups are being formed, few in number and unknown but helped from on High, which in spite of inexperience try to contribute to the great task in a relatively aware and independent manner. In this they affirm a superior level of human development and a greater dignity. The System is placed among such groups, which together are a fine hope, both for the human family and for Him who guides their destinies.


The person who accepts what has just been written and recognizes some truth in it is able to understand the wonderful synthesis between the 5 and the 6. The first, the executor of the programs elaborated by the 3, and assisted by the 4, which generates the “images without form” (see what written for the Vortex 4.5), produces new mental forms to be given to humanity. The 6 “reads” those contents and recuperates their essential unity, which the forms veil and hide.

Thus new ideals are born, luminous and beautiful, measured in right proportions and such to attract the best and awaken hearts and minds. With that, success is ensured, and nothing can prevent those energies from being transformed into new forces, motions and institutions. It is the main course to lead humanity for its (ever-changing and higher) goals and prepare it for deserved responsibilities toward the higher and lower.

The System, with its Plan, is thus a Builder of Ideals, from which it expects nothing for itself … One of its Vertices, 5.6, has the high assignment of understanding that “modus operandi” through which eternal energies are drawn from the infinite spatial repertoire to be combined in new formulas, in the right proportions and bearing in mind the real human capacities for assimilation …


The difficulties (by good fortune) are great, but the law is simple. The heart lives on visions and that of the Vertex 5.6 will be inflamed by being the guardian of the new Banner. Contemplating the great Ideals while they gradually become perceptible and ever clearer to the mind is a great task and contains its own recompense …”

Seed 5.6

I contemplate the new Ideals as they form above. I read the truths held within them.

Below, I scan what hearts want for the common Good.

What goes down and up, invokes and is evoked, come together in the new Ensigns, attracting and dragging them.

I project great Flags of Light.





“The energy of the Sixth Ray tends by nature to move upwards and inwards. In fact it explores the meanings (inner) which lead to the Ideas. That of the Fifth Ray, on the contrary, tends to move outwards and downwards: it constructs the formal dualisms which manifest the Ideas.

If understood according to this twofold contrary movement, the interval 6.5 seems unstable and inconsistent, since its two components tend to separate prior to dissolution.

This is true only for the first, involutionary part of the vital process, when the executive power of the 5 draws into manifestation and prevails over the ascending force of the 6. But the latter, compressed by that thrust, increases and the clash first reaches a point of balance and then inversion as the 6 forces the movement upwards. The evolutionary phase begins.

Equilibrium is produced when the 5, having exhausted its constructive mission, starts to recall inwards what it manifested, as the 6, having penetrated to the inside, begins to diffuse the light it finds there … It is the parable of the Prodigal Son.

The relationship between the energies of the sixth and fifth Rays is marvellously effective. Instead of being unstable, it shows itself as pulsating between four directions of Space, or branches of the Cross. It is a creator of tenacity, resistance, renewal and victory. It transmutes form, which is a prison, into a luminous dwelling and instrument of revelation, capable of communicating the joy of being and multiplying it infinitely.

It is then understood that illusion is illusory. Man’s search is dedicated at the beginning to form, which is for a long time understood to be the only reality, then is recognized as illusion and is finally lived in its essence. Through the sublime and reciprocal play of two energies which are contrary yet collaborating (5 and 6), consciousness eliminates all boundaries and lives free and active in any external condition.


This brief investigation shows that this Vortex makes use of the dynamic equilibrium between 6 and 5 to practice the general communion of the group Work … the energy which is circulating is one alone. It is precisely the Vortex 6.5 which holds open the paths of transverse communion.

In the light projected by this Vortex, the System writes its Book, which records the most minute events and the highest thoughts, visions, and sacrifices. On its many pages, the lines of the Group’s mental designs and progression to the Goals are traced and changed. The true reader reads it with closed eyes, without opening it. Yet the Book is real, and is constantly updated by vertex 6.5, which cares for every sign, shielding and interpreting it …

It is like Nature. Everything that is a sign can and should be read as it changes, illuminating the other signs and all the pages. Thus reading, the text gradually becomes simpler, clearer and finally transparent, and the Book, pages and signs vanish.


The Vertex 6.5 must therefore learn to read and write, in this order. It is in fact right that the System, like any creature, first learns from the signs of others and only afterwards traces its own, for other readers.”

Seed 6.5

I read the eternal symbols.
Gradually, I penetrate their universal significance.
I begin to trace some other ones: minor, new, composite.

This is my project to communicate the truth.




Functionary Formula 5.6 – The Builder of Ideals: I unfold new Flags of Light
Functionary Formula 6.5 – The Interpreter of Symbols: I penetrate and elaborate the eternal Symbols


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