In addition to rediscovery and enhancement of the cultural heritage that already exists, which indicates to humanity the path of Planetary Service, this Workshop will contribute with studies, researches and experiments produced in the course of its activity, and made available on this page and the TPS YouTube Channel.

The documents and videos are sorted according to their pertaining Primary Direction.

1. Purpose

To pursue the 1st Direction further, see the Manifesto of The Planetary System, the Purpose page and the featured post Has the universe a purpose?


2. Field

To pursue the 2nd Direction further, see the Field page and the featured post Is a Field a Living Entity?

To further pursue the Direction of Astrosophy, see the featured post Astrosophy: Uniting Heaven and Earth.

To further pursue the Direction of Harmonics, see the following documents and the featured post The Sound Space. See also the video The Star Groups and the Laws of Sound.

The Creating Sound The Sound as the universal Creator and fundamental principle of the Science of Harmonics.
Harmonics compendium A compendium of the Science of Harmonic based on the study by Hans Kaiser, expanding it in its philosophical and metaphysical implications, and according to the Esoteric Teaching of the Seven Rays.


3. Plan

To pursue the 3rd Direction further, see the following fundamental document, the Plan page and the featured post A first approach to the PlanSee also the video of the webinar The Seven Goals of the Planetary Plan.

The Distant Goals – compendium 2017

Planning and building the Future: a first possible Formulation of the hierarchical Planetary Plan.

Asserting the Planetary Plan Presentation and formulation of the evolutionary Plan and its 49 Goals for the establishment of a human planetary Order.

To further pursue the Direction of System, see the following documents and the featured post A Glance at the Concept of System.

Principles for the development of a System How to get to the concept of Planetary System. A way to learn to work, in coordinated structures, in the service of the new Culture/Civilization.
Lambdoma Evolution Attachment to the document “Principles for the development of a System“.

To further pursue the Direction of Future, see the featured post Building the Future.


4. Model

To pursue the 4th Direction further, see the Model page, the featured post The Human Being as Model and the video The Star Groups and the Laws of Sound.

Here is also a document which presents the Model of the 49 Fires of the hierarchical Plan and systemic Order as Seeds and Symbols:

The Seeds according to the Goals

The creative sowing of the 49 Functions of the hierarchical Plan and systemic Order.

To further pursue the Direction of Canons, see the featured post The Foundation of the Construction and the following document. See also the video The Point.


Psychogeometry of the Golden Section

Introduction to the concept of Psychogeometry as a possibility to apply mathematical and geometric principles to psychic domains, with reference to the Golden Section, “the most beautiful of all relations.”

To further pursue the Direction of Psychosophy/Healing, see the featured post Wisdom of Spiritual Life.

To further pursue the Direction of Etymosophy, see the featured post The Treasure of Words: the Path to Discovery.


5. Manifestation

To deepen the 5th Direction, see Manifestation and the featured post Toward Manifestation of a New Culture/Civilization.

For the 1st Sector of the new Culture/Civilization Government, see the featured post Government and Freedom.

For the 2nd Sector of the new Culture/Civilization Education, see the featured post Education.

For the 3rd Sector of the new Culture/Civilization Economics, see the featured post Economy: administration of Common Domicile.

For the 4th Sector of the new Culture/Civilization Art, see the featured post Art and Mastery.

For the 5th Sector of the new Culture/Civilization Science, see the featured post Possible Horizons of Science and Work.

For the 6th Sector of the new Culture/Civilization Communication, see the featured post Communication.

For the 7th Sector of the new Culture/Civilization Organization, see the featured post The Basis and Aim of Organizing is Unity.


Among the Working Tools of Manifestation and of the Workshop of Thought, there is the Analogical Thinking:

Analogical Thinking Analogy as a method to investigate the microcosm and macrocosm, starting from what man can verify through his own direct experience.


6. Community

To pursue the 6th Direction further, see the Community page and the featured post To Be a Community.

To further pursue the Direction of Religion, see the featured post The Spirit.

To further pursue some Ideals/Values, see posts in the relevant page.


7. Order

To pursue the 7th Direction further, see the Order page and the featured post Seven Aspects of Order.

To further pursue the Direction of the Signs of the Heavens, see the posts in the relevant page and the video The Signs of the Heavens toward 2025.

To further pursue the Direction of Cycles, see the following document and the featured post Order and Cycles. See also the video Celestial Geometries.

From linear
to cyclical time
Compendium of studies and reflections on the theme of the cycle, such as the circular motion of heavenly bodies and promoter of evolution.

To further pursue the Direction of Rituality, see the following document and the featured post Order and Rituality.

2018 Solar Rituality and Ephemerides 2018 Solar Ephemerides in order to rhythmically and ritually coordinate the common Work toward a planetary Order.

To further pursue the Direction of Rituality, see the featured post Order and Rituality.


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