What is TPS

What is TPS

The Planetary System (TPS) is an idea and project of coordinated cooperation between all who care about the planetary development.

The model of thought and action is that of the solar and cosmic System, reflected in Nature, as a source of inspiration and order for all fields of human activity.

1. Aim/Purpose

TPS is intended to be a planetary Workshop of Thought, a common laboratory which aims to nourish the coordinated cooperation between all those, individuals or groups, who care about the global development, beyond any membership, nationality, religion or tradition.

2. Field of Service

The field of service of TPS is the Planet with all its kingdoms, whose right relationships must be secured by Humanity, through intelligent understanding of universal Laws.

3. Plan/Project

TPS plans to build the future by identifying a Plan of common advancement, and the necessary Goals and Functions to fulfill it, arranged according to integrated Systems, based on harmonic and creative Laws of Sound.

4. Model/References

The Planet is a cell or organ of Heaven. The Model, or main reference, is thus the Universe with its system of relationships. The Solar System is its closest example, and the planetary and human systems are reflections of it, in a proportional scale.

As above so below, commensurate and in conformity.

5. Manifestation/Activity

The Work of TPS is devoted to the study, research and experimentation of the principles and modalities of a new Culture/Civilization, founded on golden relations between kingdoms, mankind and works.

6. Community/Values

The primary value is the ultimate Unity of the Whole, taught and demonstrated by Nature and the Greats of mankind: a common-Unity that has to be achieved according to the hierarchical scale determined by level of consciousness and responsibility.

7. Order/Structures

TPS reproduces in itself and follows the order of rhythms and cycles of the Solar System and Cosmos, establishing the structures and progressive steps to achieve the Purpose.


Who is well orientated is the Way

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