Working Directions

Working Directions

The Workshop of Thought of TPS has been structured into seven primary Working Directions, deduced from the septenary Law of Sound and Light that rules the universe, solar system, planet and human being.

This results in a further 20 Directions called secondary, deriving from the main septenary and closely connected with it.

The septenary root here is recognized as that Canon which allows the infinite regular and harmonious multiplication of the parts in accordance with the unitary Model of the Uni-verse, liberating in Order and ordering in liberty.

In order to support the research and sowing of TPS, twelve other Working Tools have also been introduced.

Main Working Directions

As sound, to express, divides into seven basic intervals that reassemble its unit (like light in seven colors), traditions tell us that Life flows into manifestation informing seven centers, which reverberate as a cascade in lower centers.

Every living entity is thus nourished by seven energetic stations. So it is for the infinite Space and therefore each creature in it.

Together we aim to build a living thought-form (thus promoting evolution) which goes to nourish the centers providing energy to the planetary entity in which we are called to work: Humanity.

Thus to tune with the universal law, we place in this common area seven reservoirs which will be fed by our thoughts and which we call primary Directions. The primary Directions, to attract corresponding vital energies and contain adequately what flows in them, must have the same energetic qualities.

The first Direction called Purpose (and its substance we will distill together) hosts everything having to do with general intents and purposes, from which derive all the more particular ones for the planetary undertaking we intend to start. Here we place all those impulses that give life and will/power to our project.

The second Direction is essentially the Field in which everything can develop. It reflects that feminine origin, the infinite sacred Space, whose nature, motions and structure we will explore together. It is the seat of heart solicitations, of love, where consciousness finds its potential development.

The third Direction, son of the first two, is for planning. It is the Plan, the creative and intelligent reservoir of all evolutionary impulses, set and built by energizing it with light. Here one thinks to the future, imagines developments, draws evolutionary possibilities, intertwines creative stimuli; it is the seat of joy.

The fourth Direction is the Model. Here all thoughts converge on principles, canons and what is fundamental in order to build correctly and harmonically, i.e., according to the laws of heaven. This space is crucial for the development of the work, where the light of the project is reflected to show its colors and inherent beauty.

The fifth Direction is the construction site. Our common purpose is to join forces to lay the foundations of a new world, a new Culture and Civilization. Hence this direction is the container of the strength of our thoughts. Directed by Purpose, embraced by the Field, stimulated by the Plan, reflected by the Model, thoughts are deposited in a constructive way in our minds: thus work begins, immediately branching in the main sections of human fabric, in which the seeds of the new are to be planted.

The sixth Direction is about us, the community of workers, and attracts the energies of Communion, which is Being, and brings everything and everyone to the One, canceling the first and most deeply rooted of illusions: separateness. It is the seat of Value, which unifies multiformity under one banner.

The seventh Direction refers to Order, all that makes of distinct parts a unit, a single living organism. It is the place where community has its rules, which are heavenly, and where freedom knows itself to be ordered. Here spirit and substance come together.

Marching together on these luminous tracks, our advancement becomes safe, and everyone will collaborate in an orderly and fruitful way in the ambit where one naturally finds their vocation, aware of being a valuable piece of the human, planetary and solar pattern.

In this regard, to pursue further the process that leads from the Workshop of Thought to the constitution of a Planetary Order, TPS introduces an operational mode based on the Septenary Law, which allows the harmonious structuring of the work of the Human Group according to 49 Functions. (See the see the fundamental document TPS – The Distant Goals – compendium 2017, the page 3. Plan and the video The Star Groups and the Laws of Sound)

Explore the primary Directions:

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  2. Field
  3. Plan
  4. Model
  5. Manifestation
  6. Community
  7. Order

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