1. Purpose

1. Purpose

TPS is intended to be a “Workshop of Thought”, a symbolic place to which all people who aspire to Planetary Service belong and take part. What the Worker in this Workshop will learn is the power of acting, creating and building in a free but cooperating way with all other thinking systems active in Space, which hosts and feeds them with living energy.

In that great Workshop there are no instructors who patiently repeat their lessons, all teach to everyone, and everyone is free to choose and change their own model. This is one of the reasons why all are forever students and never absolutely teachers. The quality and light of thought, and the warmth that emanates, attracts and guides the students.

The Workshop is not locked in a shed, however wide: it is open air and you can see the Sun and other stars. It is the great cosmic Workshop of Life. It is secret yet evident. All attend, some learn lessons but all follow its courses.

In the Workshop, man perceives and recognizes that “to build a thought is an art,” which can not be learnt quickly but is open to anyone, and ascends in steps of expertise. The Workshop of Thought is the ideal school, which without a teaching faculty, enforcement measures, rigid divisions of upper and lower classes, diplomas and degrees, leaves students free to choose and change the direction of studies, and leads them not to one and the same level but to mastery of all subjects, varied and different for each.

The many students learn from the One, and when the attendance at the school is concluded, all are different but cooperating in freedom. In this universal University levels of learning are innumerable and arranged so as to be used by anyone, since, in the absence of a teachers’ faculty, all are at the same time students and teachers. Thus, from Above is transmitted the art of building thoughts, of forging them, making them transparent, and finally bright.

Premises like those above, which do not conclude but open paths and perspectives ever new, generate questions to which we respond by degrees, aware of our humble position, nevertheless noble:

  1. How to build a thought?
  2. What thought to build?
  3. Through which procedure?

The heart knows how and what to answer, as soon as the alternating vibrations of reason subside. Two main ways lead to the higher use of mind, mutually interconnected:

  • Leave aside the lower self.
  • Observe it carefully.

Both ways are to be traveled simultaneously. Each detaches from the Personality: the first because it forgets its existence and leads to the world of Being, and the second because it observes activities as if it were another Entity, outside the observing Center.


Thus the Purpose of the Workshop of Thought is to learn to scientifically build a new human Culture and Civilization through the power of intelligent love, or loving intelligence, the bases of the Plan of salvation and planetary ordered Unity.

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