2. Field

2. Field

Culture is richness of consciousness, thus the sowing field of the new thinking is human consciousness. This should be quite clear to the Builders, and does not lend itself to misunderstanding. It is a field as vast as Heaven; no one knows the boundaries. So the seeds to be dispersed are without number or form. This implies commensurability between seeds and field, it means the absence of dogmatism and sectarianism. An infinite field can only be cultivated with formless seeds, and the soil of human consciousness is ready to receive them: many signs prove it, as above so below, and the sowing cannot be deferred.

All men are struggling with one great common problem: to understand and use Space. On the threshold of a new culture, in the process of drawing new lines, and now semi-conscious of such great responsibility, men have the duty to clean their basic tools.

To move toward other adventures without first having agreed on general and essential systems would be a sign of blindness.

Much of the new human culture depends on recognizing the divinity of Substance, after having much sought, in recent centuries, the grossness of matter. So every mental issue that favors or uses the spiritual qualities of Space and its energies tends to change the ordinary mentality, planting in it seeds of future conquests.

If it is somewhat new for the human individual to be understood as a micro-solar system, it is totally new for groups, and it is just this truth that draws attention. The totally new is the best condition for those who intend to carve the most direct paths, since in this condition there are no existing structures to be removed; then the beginnings are easy, weights much lighter, and chance of success much greater. Such human groups, organized into systems, are examples of a new social culture worthy of being favored in every way. These are the most fresh and supple opportunities to experience the essential equivalence between macro and micro-solar systems. Cultivating the new, if spiritual, is a beautiful human enterprise, and in future must be increasingly common.

The Two, that is the spatial Octave, holds in itself all things, and then unites all creatures, which it houses and feeds with its own love. In this activity (which seems a passive condition to the concrete mind) we see no signs of an elaborate process that deliberately seeks union, nevertheless it ensures and makes it possible. The Two understands, or contains, providing the magnetic field and “holding together” all energies, even those animated by opposed forces. It places each element in a mutual relationship with each other, ad infinitum, and it seems union itself, being so obedient to the will of the One.

To affirm that space is magnetic implies that two opposite polarities act in it, positive and receptive, male and female. In fact, as we know, everything is dual and many times twofold. Space is in short the place of all oppositions. And the ability to impartially contain contrary presences or contrasting truths is usually just considered understanding, tolerance and finally love.

The principle that holds together the various parts of an organism is magnetism, the love of space. Each separate organ has in fact its own field of influence, in which common factors to the greater whole are necessarily present, ensuring the overall Unit.


Thus the Field of Service of the Workshop of Thought is human consciousness.

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