3. Plan

3. Plan

A Plan is the result of the relationship between Purpose and Field, the active direction of Purpose and its orientation in Space. It is the creative and planning energy of Purpose, its substantial energy, or energized substance.

How to set up a Plan?

To build a plan requires the combined use of three energies (Love, Light and Will) and the term “Plan” is to be understood both in the geometric sense and as a project. Love (magnetism) and Light are living energies, widespread in all regions of Space. It is reasonable to deduce that a field of interaction arises, i.e., a plane or a multiplicity of planes.

Love and Light, interacting, produce a psychic and geometric plane on which the will traces focused figures. Plan and Project are equivalent terms. A plan would have no sense without a purpose, and any will, to be fulfilled, needs a plan.

Such a sequence of affirmations is certainly unusual for this age, which completely ignores the life of living geometry, but is proven, beyond any doubt and in the most direct way, by the presence in the solar system of the ecliptic plane, the cosmic and living demonstration of what is said. On that plane, built with Love and Light by the Solar Thinker, the fates of the worlds and their communities are traced and executed according to the Project.

It is possible to set up an inner living Plan combining Love and Light, but it is very rarely done with purpose. Love and Light are the energies necessary to build Cosmos and every other entity, directed by the Will that sets the purpose.

Similarly and in comeasurement, from the human center the Plan of love and light must be worked out and seal the door where evil dwells (4th Stanza of the Great Invocation).

The greatest art of the Planner is above all to determine the Goals. From the infinite totality of the possible future he has to know how to define the viable doses for each particular epoch; distant, but not too remote, so they may precipitate within the human circle and within an established cycle. This is certainly not learned without strenuous effort or in a short space of time!

A Project is thus a living Plan and is directed toward a Purpose, and the one does not subsist without the other. This is a fundamental fact for the setting up of any human initiative, even on a modest level. In daily life such demands are entirely ignored, but whoever intends to build or to promote a future must adhere to that law. The future manifests through a succession of natural cycles, which are the cause of progress. This implies unfolding of a Plan, which in turn implies the activity of a higher Intelligence.

“…the immediate objective of the human kingdom is consciously to establish systemic relations, and be actively, and consciously, part of group work”*, to coordinate in a concerted and intelligent way, for love, according to a Plan.**


The Plan of the Human Workshop of Thought works out the planetary evolution designed by the Solar Thinker.

* A. A. Bailey, “A Treatise on Cosmic Fire”, Lucis Collection, p. 1216.

** To pursue the 3rd Direction further, see the fundamental documents The Distant Goals – compendium 2017 and Asserting the Planetary Plan, and the videos The Seven Goals of the Planetary Plan and The Star Groups and the Laws of Sound.

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