4. Model

4. Model

The micro-system of the Workshop of Thought (TPS) is inspired by the hierarchical model of the Solar System, which it intends to imitate, both in structure and in purpose.

This is not just passive imitation. The micro-system accepts that measure of positive responsibility which it is able to bear at its own level, that is, it collaborates in a way proportional to its current possibilities which, however, are always increasing.

He who looks at the Heavens with the attention of the heart may gather there the causes of things and facts. It seems empty but is really the ‘Plenum par excellence’ – that pre-eminent place filled with life. Only in that realm may be found the real and scintillating sources of all forms and their histories. In short, the Heavens is the book of the future. Furthermore, whoever observes its motions and cycles learns to collaborate with the loving universal force that produces those things needed to broaden the light of consciousness.

Human kind (the fourth natural kingdom) has the planetary task of governing the harmony between all creatures and evolutions of the globe. This fact commits it to search for, learn and practise precisely those laws of right relationships that till now it has often avoided putting into practise.

The capacity of infinite reflection of the Heavens is the basis of the true Rule of Art of all creative human activities. It is the authentic and sure creator of beauty. The more the image (which is illusory by nature) reflects that model, the more is it beautiful, real, good and just, to the point (unattainable) of perfect reproduction, and therefore in the coinciding of form and truth.

Composing figures according to harmonic rules is not sufficient to obtain beauty and fire. This operation has to be the sum of many others, preceding, following and simultaneous. Copying the beautiful works of other people is not sufficient to build in a celestial way. All gestures, thoughts, impulses, motives must be concordant between themselves and with the universal purpose. Surely in this way any labour, small or great, forged by hands of men is long lasting, and acts in Space with the constructive power of its fire.

The fourth level, which is central, is not a place of peace but a position where peace is continually reached through conflict and, if we think about it, this is precisely the situation we so terribly feel. For us it is most difficult to achieve true impartiality, and therefore to be central, yet this is our proper function as the fourth kingdom of nature. It is up to us to precipitate that harmony on earth, the achieving of which would remain unknown without Man’s action.

Man’s constitution is that of a solar micro-system. Whether he knows it or not, accepts or rejects it, he is made in the image of the great cosmic Entity that gave him his birth, of which he lives and suffers every phase and trial. In man seven great psycho-physical centres are present and active, which react to the vital energies manifest in Space. The state of conformity between the micro and the macro-system says everything about a human being: evolutionary level, service, maturity, health, destiny, past and future. This is a truth, known from immemorial time, showing how much man depends on the interchange of energy in the solar System, which moves immense vital resources. He may believe that he can set himself apart, and attempt to do so, but he cannot escape the interplay of parties and cosmic wills. Sooner or later we will have to recognize and accept this reality to voluntarily participate in the play, favouring rather than hindering the transmissions of spatial values and their cycles.


The Model of the Human Workshop of Thought is Heaven.

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