5. Manifestation

5. Manifestation

The Manifestation, or the Work and Service to realize a new Culture and Civilization, is one, but differentiates into seven fields or sectors, as the light of the Sun does in seven colours. Each of them has many names, but in reality is unitary. For the research of the Workshop of Thought we can start with using the following tags or titles, which we will update according to the degree of development of our future “understanding”:

1) – Government and Politics

2) – Education, Health

3) – Economy and Finance, Planning

4) – Art

5) – Science and Technique, Work

6) – Communication, Religiousness

7) – Organization and Structures.

These seven directions or activities to manifest the new Culture and Civilization in the first instance can be expressed by the seven verbs that follow:

1) to Govern

2) to Educate

3) to Plan

4) to Express

5) to Work

6) to Communicate

7) to Organise

Each verb could also be defined by other terms, for example, Govern could be substituted by Direct, or Will, or Guide and holds within itself many other septenaries of different levels. Nevertheless, the seven verbs, assumed as symbols, are sufficient to introduce a new thought, on which to launch a systemic Dialogue.

Human labour is so vast and diversified that one finds it hard to catalogue in the usual exterior way. There is no field that cannot be subdivided into numerous others and, furthermore, each of these intersects with the activities of other, different fields. The result is a real complex, rich and variegated, which arouses admiration and wonder.

Each of the seven Verbs is connected to all the others, as may be deduced from the fact that it is necessary, for instance, to govern education, as much as it is necessary to educate the government; that one needs to work to express, in the same way that every expression is also a work, and so on.

Service is really effective if it is common and diversified at the same time.

TPS Workshop aims to apprehend this lesson. It knows that the multiplicity of inclinations and faculties is its true wealth. To be united and to be in agreement does not mean to be equal.

Every Group and individual will have to be ready for that coordinated collaboration which will be the virtue of the new epoch. The true and best collaborators are not chosen from among the equal or very similar, but from those who are different, provided that they are ready for free and mutual task relationships. It is a source of joy to ascertain that, despite different cultures and places of origin, it is possible today to meet men, seekers of Truth, that can be recognised immediately and understood to be able to contribute with others in a common endeavour.

It remains to learn collective or coordinated meditation which, once mastered, will allow us to resolutely influence human forces according to unfoldment prepared in advance by the Plan.

These two directions merge into a single current: to plan the new culture that will flow into the new civilisation. It should be clear that this is a contribution, therefore partial and of a relatively low profile. The Workshop, however, does not have to pay attention to the greatness or smallness of its endeavours. It simply has to perform each task to the best of its ability, sowing the new principles in the seven fields.

The New Culture eliminates boundaries of every kind.

All the fields and component areas of the new Culture are inter-cooperative and inter-communicating.

A New Culture means free inner union of all people.


The Manifestation of the Planetary Workshop of Thought translates into a new solar Culture and Civilization.

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