7. Order

7. Order

The Workshop of Thought has been recognized as a micro-system imitating the celestial Model, oriented to constitute a planetary Order.

That all activities of a micro-system must be orderly and in conformity with the higher Laws is so evident that it is useless to discuss it. We need to add, however, that it must also be ritualistic. Ritual is the magic that unites Spirit with Substance, the Fire of Life with the Fire of Space. Without it, it is impossible to transmit life, and though of a high order, thoughts are stillborn, bereft of real constructive power.

A superficial mind believes that regularity, rhythm and the order of the seventh quality are of little import, even trivial in their application. In truth, many ceremonies of mundane life appear on various levels and at times are mere superficiality, incapable of a true lifting up. For this reason we tend to neglect the authentic spiritual depths. Uniting Spirit and Substance is not as easy as it appears for those who understand only the exterior aspects of physical plane life. To achieve this uniting we must first master all the other qualities. Only if all seven are together present and cooperative is the ritual authentic and able to truly act.

Thus for the sowing of living energy points in human consciousness it is not enough to think vaguely of a new Culture. First of all one has to will, love, understand, reflect, work, communicate, in order to finally operate in a “magical” way. This is the calm and detached attitude known to those who live “as souls”, “in the midst” of matters and events, exiled in consciousness by that very same human community for which the individual or group sacrifices itself.

It is here that we see the true value of the many-sided Systems. When man has understood and assimilated the idea of the task at hand, which is offered to him as a gift, and adheres to the general programme with joy and without reserve, he will still have to learn the reality of “ritual” action.

Difficult, but not impossible. If the intention is sincere, each day a thin layer of ability and progress is accumulated. Working teaches one to work.

Understood in its absolute sense, Order is a spiritual value, essential and therefore unlimited and permanent. When it cyclically manifests it always assumes forms and aspects that are new and different, but the essence remains unchanged. Order is identified with its own purpose, which is actually the global order for the Common Good.

Order is the Rule of Life applied in Space, and it is necessary to restore it to mankind and on Earth, liberating in Order and ordering in liberty.

The apparent dissension between order and freedom is resolved by the intervention of another Idea: Service. The rule for freedom is this: the higher serves the lower, which is necessary for the lifting up of the former.

Hierarchy of spirit is reversed when compared to the human ones. Duty and responsibility increase with the degree of development, which is conferred according to merit of service.

Order is the rhythm of cosmic Heart.


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