Working Tools

Working Tools

In order to support the research and seeding of TPS “Workshop of Thought”, twelve Working Tools so far identified are presented here in sequence, with an excerpt taken from the description that you are invited to read by clicking on each link.

Analogical Thinking

«Analogical thinking establishes proportional relations between Small and Great, Past and Future, Earth and Heaven, Substance and Spirit, etc… Continue

See also tag Analogy.

Working “as if…”

«Each individual or group are encouraged to act “as if …”, an ancient formula proposed to deal with challenges, taking into account decrees of heart, rather than reluctance of intellect. Continue

See also tag As if…

Keeping the mind in the Light

«Expanding consciousness is often a challenge for people active in the Workshop of Thought. To do this it is necessary to retract consciousness from the personal centre and launch it far away. Continue

See also tag Mind/Light.

Transition to Quality

«The difference between quantity and quality is very great: the former spreads through external, diverse and numerous means, the latter through saturation of Space (not excluding any formal means, but enhancing its real value). Continue

See also tag Quality.


«Updating is that renewing energy providing balance between tensions induced by growth. Continue

See also tag Updating.

Research of the Mission

«Each individual or Group has their own specific Mission, recognized and accepted, part of a general, planetary and progressive Mission, to which the minor ones converge. Continue

See also tag Mission.

Hierarchical vision

«The continuing search for hierarchies of value and the constant reminder to focus on Causes and their relationships with Effects will be recurring themes of our working modality. Continue

See also tag Hierarchies.


«In order to renew human social life it is fundamental to disseminate the concept of psychic geometry into common thinking, so that current scientific materialism can be uprooted. Continue

See also tag Psychosciences.

From lower self to higher Self

«There is a psychic centre where lower and higher self, in mutual and mutable relationship, are in contact with the Whole. Continue

See also Self/self.

Dialog and spatial Saturation

«The entire development of a human is a dialogue which starts but does not end. This also applies to a Group or a Community, which finds its raison d’être through the dialogue with Heaven and working in accordance with the instructions received. Continue

See also tag Dialog.

Comprehension of Viewpoints

«The conflict of opinions, that troubles many minds and often leads to war, is created by a relative use of the point of view, which is easily taken as absolute. Continue

See also tag Viewpoints.

Harmony through conflict

«Harmony, a great science of life, is learned by living in conflict, and is later revealed as the golden rule of freedom and peace. Continue

See also tag Harmony.


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