The Great Service of Joy3 min

“The bliss of the thinker or the torment of the thinker? It is customary to represent a thinker as in torment, but if you ask him whether he wishes to be freed from such pangs, any thinker will reply in the negative. In the depth of his consciousness he experiences great bliss, for the process of thinking is a higher enjoyment. People have only two real joys-thinking and the ecstasy over beauty. The path to the Fiery World has been affirmed by these two manifestations. Only through them can man advance to the lofty spheres. Every higher communion will contain these two fundamentals. Therefore, it is absurd to talk about the torments of the thinker or the creator. They are not suffering but rejoicing. However, people understand joy in such a singular fashion! For some people joy is in thinking nothing and doing nothing.

            The path to Brotherhood is in thinking and in labor.” (Brotherhood § 85, Agni Yoga Collection)

“When the spirit understands that Service to Cosmos means bringing into life the higher principles, it strains its best levers. An aimless existence is the result of the slumber of all the higher centers. When the thought of a great spirit awakens the consciousness toward a higher understanding of Service, it can be affirmed that cosmic striving is being conferred upon humanity. Therefore, it is most important that the thought of Service should permeate humanity. The carriers of the higher thoughts of evolution affirm Our Will. Thus is being established the higher cosmic cooperation. Thus, We carry the Cosmic Service together.” (Infinity II § 381, Agni Yoga Collection)

“We know the battle,

And therefore joy is within us;

And we know the Service—

Therefore, radiant with joy are our faces.”

I am sending Joy and Benevolence and Truth.

For in this is everything.”

(The Call § 357, AY)


From Above, from the very high fiery depths of Heaven, may the radiating and constructive force of the major Thinkers flow and induce in us and in our beloved humanity the Great Service of an interstellar activity:

 The building Force is the fiery Thought

 Let the One Humanity act in the Joy of the Great Service*

* The true and only Rule of Heaven is Service. Power, love and light are at the service of the Ideas, Formulas and Forms: hence its legitimate sovereignty over creatures.
These ideal formulas are attested and activated in the silence of the common Heart on the occasion of today’s cosmic alignment between the Earth-Sun axis and the Star Regulus, the Heart of the Lion, 6 months after the symmetrical Sun-Earth-Regulus direction. The zodiacal constellation of Leo, which transmits the First Ray of Will or Power and the radiating and constructive force of the Fifth Ray of Science and Fire of Mind, is for our Solar System the regulator (star Regulus) of the solar Fire coming from the Sun of suns Sirius alone, to Whom our planetary Hierarchy of inner Guides or Masters is connected, and as a Sign it is associated with the 3 aspects of the Sun: the central spiritual Sun, the Heart of the Sun and the physical Sun, Spirit-Consciousness and Matter.
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2 Responses to The Great Service of Joy3 min

  1. NancyC. says:

    A wondrous offering for today! completely inspiring for all of us who are striving to keep on keeping on which melts all obstacles. Much gratitude.

  2. Karima Cynthia Diane Clayton says:

    Not sure why you chose “joy” as a topic, but I shared these links a few times the last 24 hours. My goal is to allow the joy to rise, my natural state without the thinking, which I do a LOT of. Joyful service, is being in complete trust, knowing I’m guided on my path, and the seeds I plant are received (makes no difference if I see the results.) In the high vibration of joy I relate easily to higher planes. I must try to be more joyful to be of real active service, for the Holy Spirit vibrates in joy.
    These 2 videos just popped up a few days ago, to deliver me the message. The first is Rev. Michael Beckwith dancing, go in to 1hour 8 min-12 min. He’s not young in numerical age!
    The second is Mooji, main non-dual teacher, usually filmed offering satsang. He is dancing in this video.
    May all beings remember to cultivate times of joy!

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