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Get involved

Dialog Areas

The Planetary System, in addition to its ongoing studies, researches and experiments, maintains a “dialogue space” to exchange and deepen those Ideas, Formulas and thought forms which foster cooperation and coordination between people and, consequently, the start of a New Culture/Civilization.

The central contents of TPS are the same for all languages, while the articles, contributions and in-depth studies vary according to participants in different languages: English, Italian and French.

Anyone (individuals or groups) wishing to participate in this Workshop of Thought can:

  • comment on published articles;
  • collaborate as a publisher of articles, or editor of a Working Direction in their own language;
  • translate any article or document in other languages;
  • learn about and participate in any related initiatives;
  • actively participate in the path from the Workshop of Thought to a Planetary Order by taking responsibility of one of the 49 Functions in the human Group Matrix (see section below);
  • contact the editorial staff.

From the Workshop of Thought to the Planetary Order

In order to know more about the “Planetary System” concept, i.e., the work organized into coordinated structures serving the new Culture/Civilization, you could start by reading the document Principles for the development of a System, the fundamental texts Asserting the Planetary Plan and The Distant Goals – compendium 2017, and see the presentation/webinar of The Seven Goals of the Planetary Plan and the video The Star Groups and the Laws of Sound.

Additional material is available in Documents and the TPS YouTube Channel.


Over all disheartening appearance, countless thoughts and initiatives for Common Good, scattered throughout the world, are coordinating to converge in the one advancement towards a future of Freedom, Brotherhood and Beauty: towards a planetary Order.

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