Government and Freedom

The action of governing is the first and most decisive of the human activities, and it is therefore fundamental to define its contours precisely.

We begin doing so by starting from the purpose that we hypothesized being essential to that activity: Freedom. We can therefore state:

The base of government is Freedom.


To highlight this assumption, we need to leave aside the ordinary thought which automatically associates government with imposition of constraints. Let us then pursue further the deep sense of what government is, which requires self-sacrifice in order to produce freedom.

In fact, the One who is totally free governs the universe; at the same time, though, is the universe to which It donated Itself, letting Itself be imprisoned by the infinity of forms.

Freedom, the supreme common good, can therefore be guaranteed by the government with which it identifies itself. It is common, because every creature has an infinite share of the total freedom, it is inalienable and insuppressible: it is a fragment of the One Life that guarantees the essential integrity of Creation; and it is the supreme good, because ensures that everybody has opportunity to reunite to the boundless freedom of the One.

It is true, indeed, that seeing our exterior situation we can easily state that nobody is or can be free. Beyond the various obstacles enacted by diverse pseudo governments, that in order to impose themselves limit and even abolish fundamental freedoms, it is clear that, being embodied, we are imprisoned in a physical, emotional and mental vehicle that heavily conditions us; we are at the mercy of external agents, of diverse influences coming from where we live, from society, from the environment, from the current way of thinking…, which covers that spark of freedom with numerous veils.

We must then remember the two opposites and reflect on the essential concept of freedom, which is not simply being left free to do, speak and act (values that must still be defended), but is gradually focusing on the Life that animates us at that level within which the personal and external bonds lose power, on the world of causes more than on the world of effects. The more we stand on the causal plane, the more we are able to be free and give freedom, even if we be in chains.

Everyone of us, upon incarnating, renounces to the quota of freedom gained, thus repeating, at his or her own level, the sacrifice of the One, and thus has the faculty to govern, assuming he recuperates that consciousness.

Freedom is bestowed from the above, from our majors, but from below we need to conquer it, and there is only one way: to give ours away.
24-Mani-aperteWe detach ourselves from that degree of freedom achieved in consciousness and, when we have our hands free, we are ready to operate at another level, and to manage a major part of it. When we are able to raise our eyes to Heaven and say: “Thy Will be done”, we will really be ready to govern, because we will not have anything to defend anymore, and we will consciously insert ourselves in that infinite chain that pulls to the total freedom of the Being, where my will and yours coincide.

The true government, therefore, is not in the hands of someone, of occult powers, nor in elected representatives tied to their voters. It lives in the “High” and finds ground to anchor in those who, everywhere in the planet, are able to place the common good before their personal advantage, who have the courage to refer to higher models, to look at the Heaven and the causes, to detach themselves from their entrenched beliefs; those who have the ability to read the events and imagine the future, tracing projects that go beyond their lives and their children’s, those who feel the need to consecrate their existence to the common good, that is the higher individual good.

An increasing number of people now, more or less consciously, are candidates to participate to this “real Government”, that does not require membership or elections. They mainly lack fame, nor search for it, and they comprehend that the structure of such Government is hierarchical: whoever is able to manage higher responsibility (that is freedom), naturally assumes it, thus letting others assume higher responsibilities: local, planetary or solar ones.

The work of the real Government cannot fail to show the way back to the One. It is targeted primarily on the mental plane, at the level of Ideas, which are the ongoing cause and force of every culture and civilization. When the necessary and conditioning “critical mass” is achieved and becomes coordinated, not only from a quantity standpoint, but also from a quality one, a new way to govern will manifest in the world, which will be planetary and the result of a common endeavour.

Instead of complaining of our governors, who nowadays are clearly reflecting what we are, we can start to dream together of the new government, and inwardly realize it.

Dreaming the new is not a mere intellectual exercise, impossible to translate into practice. It is laying down the pillars of future towers and it can be done right now.

These pages are an appeal in that direction, and a statement of intent.

Rulership - doppio arcobaleno

“Rulership is not in crowns nor in crowds, but is in the cosmic expanse of ideas. Thus, the Teachings of life complement each other, having no need to attract multitudes.”

(Agni Yoga – Community 84)



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