Sowing of the Principles of the new Culture

In order to celebrate the today heliocentric alignment between Venus and Saturn (5th and 3rd Rays – Constructive Mind and Creative Intelligence) here is the description of the relative 5.3 Vortex and Goal in the 7×7 Matrix of the Plan (See in “The Distant Goals – compendium” – read the introduction for pursuing further this first systematic formulation of the evolutionary Plan).


To understand properly the Function of the Vertex 5.3 and the energies of the corresponding Vortex, it is necessary to define what is intended here by “culture”. This term is much used today, but in a very wrong, degraded way, which alters its true and deep meaning. To define it, it must be examined together with another word which frequently accompanies it, to the point that the uneducated consider them synonyms: civilization.

Culture and civilization are not the same thing:

a) CIVILIZATION indicates the whole of the rules, practices and habits of a human environment, vast or restricted. It is the totality of beliefs, knowledge and social behaviour.

b) CULTURE is the whole of the spiritual, moral, artistic, humanitarian and scientific conceptions.

In brief, one can say that culture is the soul of the civilization. A parallel exists between soul/culture and person/civilization. The supremacy of the first element, the true creator of the second, is clear. A true civilization does not start without the inner support of culture, and would only be arbitrary and fragile agreements in such a case, with grave danger of a rapid regression into barbarism.


The System [the Egoic/causal/ideal prototype of the future human Order] operates in the field of consciousness with suitable methods, and therefore its real field of action lies precisely in renewing the energies which nourish human culture, thus preparing new and better civil expressions. This phrase, so short, would be sufficient to illustrate the whole effort of the Group [of the new Group of World Servers], clearly establishing its Service.

Every energy is to be renewed, in its own time, in accordance with tendencies of great spatial and solar situations. The inner conquests already achieved are inviolable (these are the intangible treasure of peoples, on which they confer legitimate authority), however, the principles which build them continually expand their energetic scope. Hence the immense importance of remaining sensitive to new values and of consciously disseminating them (without imposing them) in the collective heart of humanity.


The last phrase illustrates the esoteric operations of the Vertex 5.3, who, in the ordered environment of the group, must orientate himself to grasping the new expressions of eternal Principles, just as radio messages are received from space, and after having assimilated them in his heart, sow them in the consciousness of the human race. In fact, the Five is selective and knows how to discern the new ways, while the Three radiates and sows, i.e., he communicates and disseminates.


The Plan of the System is a great group operation, based on silent and secret heroism.

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