Leo Full Moon: the seed of Courage

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Leo Full Moon: the seed of Courage

Even the tenderest, most compassionate heart should not be lacking in courage. The heart is a rock on which strongholds are built. Can a stronghold prevail without courage and solemnity? In the most straitened circumstances courage gives breadth to one’s outlook and solemnity impels one to the Heights. Seekers should be tireless in their quest for courage and solemnity. Courage may be buried under the rubble of disasters or remain completely undeveloped. It is on the list of qualities that require development. Every accumulation of courage has been tested in the past. It is not hard to ignite the flame of courage when its blade has already experienced battle. People often employ beautiful expressions without being aware of their origins. They rightly say, “Her heart caught fire,” or, “His spirit was kindled.” So there was a time when people recalled the fire of the heart, but now they are ashamed of this fire. They are first of all ready to explain their beautiful expressions either as superstitions or as fairy-tale fantasies. But on the best occasions let us recall fire, courage, and solemnity. Love, which pure solemnity embraces, is always in need of defense against dark desecrators. Courage is a shield, and fire welds its streams into a fiery sword.

I have good reason for affirming courage, for it will strengthen the aspirant’s outlook.

Heart, §476, Agni Yoga Collection

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  1. Zipporah Alperin says:

    I am thankful to you, Ann. With love, Zipporah

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