The Consciousness of the Atom

In the current Sign of Leo, transmitting the 1st and 5th Rays – the solar Will to manifest the evolution of Consciousness – our Earth is symmetrically in the Sign of Aquarius, also transmitting the 5th Ray consecrated to the fiery power of Thought, Science and concrete knowledge. Also Mars, the Planet associated to the physical Science derived from the 5 senses perception, is both heliocentrically and geocentrically in Leo.

Thus it is a propitious time to sow some thought-forms which carve the path to the Science of the new Culture and Civilization, through this “beautiful and useful” video about the Consciousness of the Atom. 

(You can also find this video in the 5th Playlist – Manifestation of TPS YouTube Channel)

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2 Responses to The Consciousness of the Atom

  1. Nancy C. says:

    Excellent video…thank you!

  2. Zipporah Alperin says:

    With appreciation, Zipporah

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