Art, the sign of Union

In order to celebrate the today heliocentric alignment between the 4th and 6th Rays embodied by Mercury and Neptune – Harmony and Communion – in the Sign of Pisces (2nd-6th Rays: the descent into the depth or Substance/Matter to save “the prisoners of the planet” and come back to the Father’s House or Spirit), here are some illuminating thought-forms about this creative interval of Fifth 4/6 – an energy Vortex and relationship which unites the two Origins (Spirit and Matter, content and form) in order to produce Consciousness: unifies to liberate Beauty.

The understanding of Beauty will save the world.

Beauty, which is “the sign of union,” is that inner Truth or central Idea whose splendor attracts and brings together, around Its Fire, all the hearts aiming to the original Unity.

That is Hierarchy, the inside Reality of Humanity, the planetary Heart which holds the real Art that leads to Group consciousness or the 2nd aspect of Love: to harmonious exchanges (4) and final communion (6) among the earthly kingdoms, through the “hands and feet” of human spirit.

Hierarchical Humanity is the Artwork of the Blue Planet.

Let these causal energies, potentialities and functions become active powers in the common Heart of Humanity (see here the whole document about the 49 Goals or egoic Functions for the restoration of the Planetary Plan).


According to the Teaching, form is appearance and content is reality. This does not mean that form is useless: it certainly gives specific qualities to what it contains. Living in a square room is quite different from living in a triangular room, even if they are of equal surface and volume. Just by examining a form, the attentive and perspicacious observer recognizes its content yet also the quality that the form adds to it. In short, the form is a sign to read and decipher.

The interval 4.6, which has the value of two-thirds and in Harmonics is a fifth, is of a creative nature, as does the Vortex of the same number in the Plan of the [human] System. The Four tends to “represent”, while the Six seeks, finds and understands the interior focal centre.

The Book of the Tao begins by stating that “The Tao of which one speaks is not the Tao”. This does not seem completely understood yet by western commentators. That famous phrase helps to understand, better than many logical comments, the elusive relationship between 4 and 6, which accomplishes the meeting between the Image without figure (discussed with regard to the Vortex 4.5) and the interpreter of every sign, which is the Six.

The 4.6 expresses the contact between two worlds or different states of consciousness, the first of which produces the Images without figure, which the second reads in depth and with keenness and without fail. This gives rise to a flow of creative activity, as happens when comprehension is real.

All these concepts can also be illustrated by saying that between Four and Six there exists a twofold relationship:

  • of an octave, because both are, respectively, the higher octave of the Two and the Three;
  • of a fifth, as already stated above.

Therefore the union of the Four and Six is a world of relationships (the octave), gifted with a creative faculty (the fifth).


The Vertex appointed to this meeting of energies (4.6) has a clear task but difficult: to interpret and live the function of exchange between form and content, which finds complete expression in the relation between humanity and Hierarchy. Both the Communities are destined to collaborate in order to express the spirituality of planetary life – and much will be achieved if even one single man is able to hold the meeting within himself.


As soon as one speaks of Art, the great significance acquired by this concept over millennia and the value of its manifestations awaken reflection. Humanity has always loved Art, even in those recurrent periods, like the present, which no longer know what it is and do not produce it. When the Muses circulate among them, human beings perceive their superior energy and cultivate it; when they retreat to their Heavens, human beings feel bereft and bleak.

Each man discovers Art within himself, when he is sufficiently mature to know how to recognize its signs. It is the first and last consolation, it does not react to the schemes that intellect would sometimes like to impose on it; it is as vast and comprehensive as Space. One seeks it and sometimes finds it not only with the brush, or the compass, or the chisel, or the flute, but with every breath, because it is inseparable from life.

What the ONE wills and the 2 loves and the 3 plans is reflected by the 4, and it is Art. It is the Art of living, the highest art of all. Man is called to make a work of Art of his existence, in the broadest and most complete liberty. As it flows from the Centre, it involves and transforms every action and is present and active in all approaches. Real Science (today still unknown) is not foreign to art. Nor is philosophy, religion nor even politics or economics, nor even love, which includes and reveals all and is the most faithful companion of the Artist.

These times are dark and poor because Art is silent. But this is true only in a superficial sense. Really it vibrates even now in the heart and this is demonstrated by the fact that it is sought and invoked. There will be a return to understanding that the ways of real pan-human communion spring forth from Art. Its light and smiling traces will bind peoples together, much better than other pseudo-visions which have cruelly separated them.


These thoughts wish to describe the Vortex 6.4, whose energies lead to understanding and communicating Art, which none the less remains a mystery. Much work needs to be done in this area, to penetrate the artistic ideal and its Rules and to evaluate its effects. The 6 presides over this interval and it is not simply sentiment but controlled desire for creative joy, for general, super-intelligent communion. It leads to the supermundane, which is accessible to man.

The Light of Art is the clearest. Nothing reveals the imperfect, the incorrect, the weak, the inexact and the false better.

In the Plan, the Vortex 6.4 generates synthesizing and vital comprehension. This is evidenced by the fact that it does not contain the 5, primary sign of the rational function. In short there exists a way of union which does not pass through the fields of the intellect, which does not use the separating property of analysis but the synthesis of the opposites. It is a direct way, typical of the double, eternal flowing of Art; from high to low, from the lowest to the sublime.

Between the 6 and the 4 pass first vacillating gleams, then a calm light of increasing splendour is established. They are, in fact, the two polarities of an octave (see the Vortex 4.6), of great creative power. Between those poles shines the light which illuminates the unlimited field of their dominion.


Art is therefore the great hope for the harmonious union of the human race and between this and the other kingdoms of nature. Such is the field of operation of the Vertex 6.4, who administers this beneficent energy. Its vastness may seem dizzying, but Art takes no thought for quantity, granted that great and small do not resist its light. Nor do the distinctions created by man remain, vain shadows on shadow.

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    Thank you, Ann.
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