Synthesis of Idea and Form

Today, in the Heavens and our Heart, it occurs the heliocentric alignment between Earth (3rd Ray) and Neptune (6th Ray), in the Sign of Pisces (2nd-6th Rays: the descent into the depth or Substance/Matter to save “the prisoners of the planet” and come back to the Father’s House or Spirit), that is the geocentric opposition between Sun/Vulcan and Neptune.

Neptune is the God of spatial Waters (Substance/Matter) and veils the Christ as Initiator of humanity.   When Desire – Kamâ in sanskrit, the 4th Principle – is purified (plexus centre ruled by Neptune and not by Mars, the non-sacred 6th Ray Planet and Energy), it reveals its real cosmic Source, that is driving Love – Buddhi, the 6th Christic Principle, the universal Motive which resides at the centre of every atom:

“…buddhi is found at the heart of the tiniest atom, or what we call in this system, electric fire. For the positive central life of every form is but an expression of cosmic buddhi, and the downpouring of a love which has its source in the Heart of the Solar Logos; this is itself an emanating principle from the ONE ABOVE OUR LOGOS, HE OF WHOM NAUGHT MAY BE SAID.”

“…It is Vulcan and Neptune in opposition, which is as yet an almost incomprehensible thing for us. The densest form of expression on the physical plane is after all but a form of synthesis; just as the rarest form of expression on the highest plane is but unity or synthesis of a finer kind. One is the synthesis of matter, and the other the synthesis of life.” (A. A. Bailey, “A Treatise on Cosmic Fire”, Lucis Collection, p. 1226, 597).

Being is the synthesis of Life. Being is Communion.


In order to celebrate this synthesizing Direction, here are some illuminating thought-forms about this all-encompassing and creative interval of Octave 3/6 or 6/3 – an energy Vortex and relationship which holds and creates Communion with the fiery World of Ideas, the plane of union between Humanity and Christ/Hierarchy, Personality and Soul (Neptune 6th Ray refers to real Devotion based on abstract Idealism, that is sensitivity to Truth and Its Principles).

Let these causal energies and potentialities become active powers in the common Heart of Humanity (see here the whole document about the 49 Goals or egoic Functions for the restoration of the Planetary Plan).


Eight Vertices of the Plan express octave relationships:

1.2   1.4   2.4   3.6

2.1   4.1   4.2   6.3

Because of this intrinsic nature they enclose “worlds”, as the octave is the container of infinite relationships, or sounds, which it magnetizes by its inherent quality. The Vortex 3.6, now under consideration, is one such, born of the meeting between creative intelligence (3) and idealism (6). A balanced dynamism can be noted: the first energy tends to plan forms, the second to recognize the cause, or idea, they contain.

This Environment, which burns with Light, does not lack diversity, yet has no separations, i.e., it contains no time or distance. Its absolute Rule is the Infinite, and only those consciences which have purged themselves of egocentric impulses can know, love and experience it.

Due to what has just been stated, the Vortex 3.6 is animated by a love that is impetuous and even violent and explosive (coming from the Two and closing in the Six, as 6 = 2 x 3) in the sense that it dissolves any appearance of a distinction between Me and You.

The inherent creativity of the Three has full freedom to radiate here, and consequently its energetic potential increases continually, to an intolerable degree for the human intellect that might wish to imagine it. In this Environment the tension is growing, the Light overwhelming, the purity total. It is the World of the heavenly Fire, which is the divine creative power.


If this is the nature of the Octave 3.6, the importance of this Vertex in the economy of the Plan is clear. It is the “repertoire of impulses” which the System desires to express for the common Good. It contains the Causes which the undertakings of the Group will seek to manifest: it is therefore a sacred and precious Vase, to guard with the greatest care.

All these reflections lead one to see in the relationship 3.6 one of the greatest Centres of the Plan, and teach one that the Octaves, although having an equal numerical value, are nevertheless very different as circuits of vital energy. This brief investigation shows for example that the Octave 3.6 holds all the creative potential, while the 2.4 is the general magnetic field and the 2.1 is the Place of Power.


In executing the Plan, the Vertex 3.6 undertakes elevated and interior tasks of a kind to intimidate the disciple, who knows he is incapable of such requirements. It is thus right to recall that “the Stars of the System are egoic groups” [see the video The Star Groups and the Laws of Sound), i.e., they are composed of citizens of the Fiery World: nothing is really more natural for consciousness than radiant and communicating life. The System itself is an Idea, and as such is present in the Octave 3.6, in which it lives a causal reality and from which spring forth its creative movements. Hence the Vertex 3.6 operates in the world which is his own, together with his companions and helpers. He is in fullness of Light and nothing truly bars his way.


With regard to Vortex 3.6, symmetrical to the one under consideration, it was written that, being in a harmonic sense a value of an octave, it is the container of a world, and an attempt was made to describe this. The same can be said of the 6.3, which is its natural complement. The two values, 3 and 6, are now in an inverse position, which means, among other things, that their movements are contrary. The unifying power of the 6, without impeding the upward force of Ideas and their productions, guarantees unity of everything and thus the access to any of them. In other words, the world of Ideas generated by the 3 is held together by what they have in common. Every Idea can be “visited” or “known” by all the others since, being without limits of any kind, it is infinitely composite and reflecting.


The world of Ideas has not been any further studied, as far as known, since the time of Plato and some of his followers. It is not intended to discuss this subject, but certain deductions can be drawn from it:

  1. The Platonic theory and theorems about Ideas, in spite of the aversion of many intellectuals, have remained, while many other later philosophies have collapsed and today are mere historical remains.
  2. He who derives teaching from Plato is not superlatively rational, but intuitive and non-dogmatic. It is a monument of thought, but also a teaching about life. It opens up the vastest perspectives and invites one to seek and discover. That famous Academy has never been closed, and today it still welcomes and serves the person who approaches it in the right way.


Brief reference to the work of that Master seemed to be necessary because many hypotheses derive from it which are the basis of these notes on the Distant Goals:

World of Ideas    =    world of intervals

=    world of the soul

=    free consciousness

=    intuitive level

=    infinite

=    harmony achieved

=    centrality

=    universal communion.

The entire [human] System is engaged in this ascent; its purpose is to ascend and operate at the causal level. Therefore every opportunity for training, however modest, is useful to that end and these pages are only humble examples of practice.

The statements above illustrate the nature of this and all the other Vortices, which are really centres of Ideas, arranged by order and number to compose a greater Idea (an incorrect term, but what is to be done?) which, while containing them, creates them and directs them to the common purpose. The Table of the Plan is to be understood as a Table of right relations between the Vertices, their Functions and the Ideas of the Plan, and between the System and the greater Systems and between all the internal operations.

The Vertex 6.3, the real Key to the World of Ideas (which one has access to without a key), superintends all these proportioned and balanced activities.


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