Capricornus Full Moon: the Art of Thought

Seeds for a New Culture

Capricornus Full Moon: the Art of Thought.

Love is the source of any creative Thought.

The Highest Light is ‘Love which moves the Sun and the other Stars.’ [1]

It is necessary to realize very exactly the fundamental concepts of Be-ness. The love of achievement is not austere for those aflame in heart, but it frightens those who love their weaknesses and who waver while embracing their own illusionary “I.” Love that can move worlds does not resemble the love upon the marshes, where the bones of outworn remains are decaying. Above the marshes are the will-o’-the-wisps of decay, but the eternal creative fire of the heart does not wander, it impetuously ascends by the steps of Hierarchy to the Highest Light. Love is the leading creative principle.

Unbearable is the Almighty Light, but Hierarchy is the link to that dazzling Summit. The Hierarchy leads an illumined spirit to that point where one might even be blinded. Love is the crown of Light.

Hierarchy, §281, Agni Yoga Collection

[1] vv. 145 XXIII Paradise, Dante Alighieri

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